Meditation Of The Month

Meditation of the Month: The Treasure of Witnessing

Dedicate a special space and time for meditation practice. Clean this space from top to bottom. Use pure essential oils in a scent lamp to bring uplifting fragrance into the space. Light candles, bring in flowers or a beautiful plant. Make sure you will not be disturbed for at least 45 minutes. Find a way to sit where your back can be straight. Bring your centre of gravity to your lower belly, so that your belly comes slightly forward and lower back is relaxed. It may help to envision that your crown chakra and therefore your whole body, is suspended on a string from the top of a pyramid of light.
When you are ready and in your sitting position, ring a Tibetan bowl, or bells, one time, to indicate the beginning of the meditation practice.
Now, slip into relaxed observation of your body, your breath, your mind and your emotions. You may sense it as if you are simply watching clouds passing in the sky, or traffic passing on the road. You are a detached observer, the watcher on the hill. Remain a non-judgmental witness. During the entire 40 minute sitting, don’t move your body, cough, or blow your nose. Just witness. As you meditate, there will come moments when you sense yourself to be on the edge of a vast abyss of nothingness, where there is no thought, no body, just emptiness. If this happens, it is welcome. If you find yourself falling into this abyss, just allow it to happen. It is in the vast emptiness of being that we meet our soul. In emptiness resides our essential nature and the essence of all of life. And when thoughts come, remember, thoughts also wish to participate, and continue your detached observation of them.
When the 40 minute sitting is complete, you can ring your Tibetan Bowl three times to indicate the ending of your meditation. The fragrance of your sitting practice will usually bring you a calm and centred quality for the rest of the day.
If possible, give yourself the gift of practising silent meditation every day for the rest of your life. By so doing, inestimable treasures are revealed.
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