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Meditation of the Month: The Great Law of Magic

Sarita says: “The New Year is a time when people ponder deeply on how to manifest their dreams, longings and desires and make them reality. The Great Law of Magic cuts to the essence of the cycle of desire and helps us manifest true fulfillment, beyond the desiring mind.
Osho has introduced this Meditation to the world, and even though a similar insight is offered in ‘The Secret’ or other self-help books, in my experience, Osho’s way of exploring this subject has a more profound, transformative effect.
Live the Result and the cause follows
Note down a desire. Then search inside yourself, “What would be my inner emotional state if this desire was fulfilled? An example could be: “I want a new car, and if I had that, I would feel like the king of the world!” The next question would be, “And if you were the king of the world, how would you feel?” And the answer may be: “I would feel powerful, radiant joy.”
Now that you have found the essence of how you would feel if a particular desire is fulfilled, your challenge is, to become that result with each cell of your body. Live the result, as often as you can possibly remember to do so. In the example above, this would mean, live powerful and radiant joy each and every moment.
You may ask, “How does this work? Does it guarantee that my desire will be fulfilled?” Ha Ha! This is the great cosmic joke! You see, cause and effect are bound together like lock and key or like male and female. The long roundabout way of achieving a result is to first create the cause and then the result is bound to follow. The shortcut, as exposed in ‘The Great Law of Magic’, is to take a quantum leap directly to the result as it is experienced on an emotional level. The moment you can do this, causes will come running after you, chasing you. But the joke is: you will no longer care about these causes. They will chase you, and catch hold of you, but you are already in such a fulfilled state of being that these causes may look unnecessary.
The causes will have to come, because cause and result are bound together in an eternal dance. However, if you only pretend to live the result, while thinking all the time, “Ahh, now I will get that cause I really want!” Existence will not be fooled. Nothing will shift. This is because you are only pretending, while deep down being hooked completely by the result following the cause game. No, that is not the way to play it. You need to shift the game around completely, 180% turn. Live the result, and the cause follows. Try it! You may be amazed what happens in your life!”
Based upon a discourse by Osho in May 1974 to be found in the book “My Way: The Way of the White Clouds”.
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