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Meditation of the Month: Timeless Touch

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “While being caressed, Sweet Princess, enter the caress as everlasting life.”
This meditation uses the pleasure of touch to enter into timeless bliss. You can practise it with a lover or friend.
It’s important to use only one hand, so the receiver can bring their awareness to the sensation of the caress and use it to enter into deep meditation. Any more sensory input makes it difficult for the receiver to follow the sensation.
How to practise the meditation

  • Set up your temple space so you will be undisturbed for at least 45 minutes. Put down soft things to lie on, light candles and incense, play soft music – create the sacred space however you would like it. Make it nice and warm so you are happy to be naked!
  • Choose who will be the giver and who will be the receiver first.
  • The receiver lies down naked on their front.
  • The giver caresses them all over their body, occasionally whispering the sutra in their ear (using ‘Sweet Prince’ for men).
  • Caress using one hand stroking on the skin slowly, covering the whole body. Don’t jump around the body – as in, from the head to the feet as it’s too disturbing for the receiver. Do a very slow, methodical caress in a continuous flow, which doesn’t stop anywhere.
  • Caress is not massage, or Reiki, or Shamanic healing. It is a simple, devotional caress with one hand.
  • Once the back of the body has been covered, ask the receiver to turn over so the giver can also cover the front of the body. Do about 10 minutes on each side.
  • Complete and do the exchange.

Experiencing the sensation of pleasurable touch brings us very deeply into present moment awareness. And when we are in present moment awareness, we start moving into eternity – time and mind disappear.
The sensation of pleasure becomes a gateway into very deep meditation.
Suggested music to accompany this meditation: Monsoon Point by Al Gromer Khan
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