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Meditation of the Month: We Are All One

From Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “This consciousness exists as each being, and nothing else exists.”
One way this sutra can be practised is by using Ho’oponopono healing from Hawaii.
In using this method, we are aware that everyone is connected to everyone else – we are not separate islands and all beings are part of the same cosmic web. Therefore, whatever is happening to anyone in the world, it is simultaneously happening to me and I am simultaneously causing it. We are so deeply connected we cannot say, ‘this is happening and it’s separate from me’. Ultimately we are all responsible for everything that happens in the world.
To practise this method:

  • Sit in meditation either physically with someone or imagine someone you have some kind of emotional charge with. You may visualise them or use something to represent them such as a cushion, and then linking into your higher self, invite their higher self to be present.
  • Say: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” Keep on repeating these phrases until you feel a shift happen in the energy between you.
  • As we go on repeating those four phrases like a mantra, it creates a subtle shift and transformation in the connecting link between you and the person you have the charge with. Really feel it as you say it and something will purify and start cleansing and healing that link between you and the other person.

You can also use it to help others who are suffering. Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len explored this work and by practising it in the hospital he worked at, he healed a ward of criminally insane patients. Read the full story here.
He says: “Whenever any type of problem comes up, we must look at ourselves, and remember that “Peace begins with me”.”
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