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In Profile: Meera and Pieter's Birth Story

Prem Meera recounts how she gave birth to her daughter Mia in February this year with the help of her partner Pieter, without any medical assistance.
People hear about ecstatic and orgasmic births and they wait for the Big O, for that one moment of orgasm we are so used to relate to. I am sure there are women who have experienced exactly that during the birth. But well… it wasn’t like that for me. The birth of my baby was the most amazing and ecstatic experience of my life that started on Sunday morning around 7am and finished on Wednesday 4.40am lasting for 70 hours in total. The most intense and powerful 70 hours of my life.
I started to feel the first contractions early morning on Sunday. But as this was my first baby I still wasn’t quite sure. So me and my beloved man did everything that all the natural-birth books suggested – went for beautiful walks in the countryside, rushing to Tesco to buy a bucket for the birthing pool, tripod for camera and other important birth accessories. And that all through contractions every 10 – 15 minutes, which meant making weird sounds, scaring other shoppers and Pieter timing them with the newest IPhone Contraction-timer application, creating intensity charts and other mathematical theories which I couldn’t quite follow at the time. Doesn’t that sound ecstatic enough already?
Well that lasted for 3 days. And by Wednesday evening I started to feel desperate as I thought this baby is never going to come out. And well yes these three days were absolutely amazing, the time we spent together with Pieter waiting for the baby to arrive was precious but I started to get tired and weepy. Pieter responded by putting one of the 21 homeopathy remedies in my mouth and guiding me into hypnosis to relax, let go and trust my body.
Then on Wednesday night at 11.30pm it finally started! Hospital midwives suggestion on the phone to have a hot bath and paracetamol and go to sleep didn’t work at this point in time. The little one was ready to come out. And here the real thing started! The contractions were every 3 min now and lasted for at least a minute. People ask me if it was painful. Oh no! I wouldn’t describe it as pain at all! The immense work my body was doing to push the baby down was way above pain. Pain is when you have headaches or stomach bug and yes indeed it feels uncomfortable. Experiencing these contractions to me was as if some incredibly powerful force was going through my body that I couldn’t and didn’t want to do anything about. It was just one big YES! It is something like the feeling of when a powerful orgasm overtakes your body that feels far too much to handle and you think that your body will tear apart, but you can’t do anything about it, only surrender and let go. That is exactly how it was for me. Every 3 minutes for at least 1 minute long. It was really wild at this point. I was screaming my head off and broke our bed – that is how hard I was grabbing it. And it was ecstatic having given myself permission to make these sounds, release it from the very core and feel my baby coming closer and closer to this world.
At some point still waiting for the midwives to arrive I felt my body starting to push! This is where adrenalin kicked in as I felt the skin of my yoni stretching and the head about to be born and I was desperate to get into the pool (which you are not supposed to do before the midwives have arrived), but the midwives were still not there and Pieter said he will go and heat up the soup as he was feeling hungry! He didn’t get far as I just knew the baby is coming now and I jumped into the pool. He still didn’t believe me that the baby was coming and resisted to get wet. But once he saw the head he was naked and in the pool in no time.

That was so beautiful… just two of us on the doorstep of our new life. Pieter was absolutely amazing. He was calm and supportive and waited for the baby with love, tenderness and sweet heartfelt excitement. Then the last contraction came and dada received our little baby-girl in his hands. His hands were the first to welcome our precious little angel in this world. And it couldn’t have been a better welcome. Pieter let her swim in the water for a little stunned by how calm the baby was and then passed her in my arms. We had our baby. On our own… the most amazing experience of our lives.
The midwives walked in 10 min later to clamp the cord only once it stopped pulsating and all three of us cuddled up on the bed astonished by the unforgettable experience we all just had.
I will always be grateful to my beloved Pieter for giving me the most precious moments of my life. He was so present as never before, so supportive, constantly massaging my back, hypnotizing me, saying encouraging words, running baths, lighting the candles, putting on the right music, giving me water with straw, filling up the birthing pool at the right time and doing all those things and even more than any birthing woman could ever wish for. I couldn’t have done it without him.
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