Morocco Colour Light Journeys

During the month of July there was an unusual and very profound journey in Morocco. We were nine people, which included Colour Light Therapy session givers and clients. Some of our group came from France, and some from England.

The event expanded to include many Moroccan people who also came to receive sessions, once the word spread. Some clients received a series of sessions. Three clients had a series called Transmitter Relays, 12 sessions of two hours each. This series cleanses and releases past, present and future traumas, including childhood, the time in the womb and past lives. It works on physical, emotional, mental and soul levels, bringing harmonization and healing to all these dimensions.
One client received the Male Female Balance series of nine sessions, which releases negative imprints from mother and father, helping us to live in tune with our individual truth. It should be added, that we cannot release the light essence of mother and father, but only neurotic aspects which do not serve our well-being. This series helps to draw out our innate birth potential and will improve the relationship we have with our parents by releasing emotional issues and confusion which stand in the way of a harmonious connection. It also balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
Another client received the Holographic series, seven powerful sessions which work on healing any degenerative, life threatening disease patterns. In essence, this series helps the client to experience a death of the old way of being, and to choose a new blueprint for life which will better serve his or her soul calling. It lifts us up to the holographic dimension from where our life choices are made before incarnation. From here, we become aware of a multitude of positive life enhancing choices we can make to better serve our true nature. Going through this process opens up tremendous healing potential.
Colour light group dining in Morocco

One woman received the prenatal series, which cleanses and heals any trauma which happened during the time in the womb and birth. It also includes healing of the Bardo levels, or the space in-between lives. Many addictions stem from prenatal issues, which normally makes them difficult to heal. Since the trauma is preconscious it is difficult to access. One of the wonderful things about Colour Light Therapy is that it sneaks behind all our armoring and defenses and helps us to become liberated from stuck patterns at a cellular level, as well as psychological and emotional levels. Therefore it is perfect for healing pre-conscious issues, or issues buried in the deep subconscious.
The people who came for a single session were amazed to discover the rapidity with which physical symptoms were healed. Chronic back pain, ankle pain, or hormonal imbalances and stress, were all treated quickly and effectively.
These profound life transforming sessions took place within the exotic ambiance of Morocco. We visited four different locations, making our journey very rich in both inner and outer experiences. Highlights included megalithic stones which are almost exactly the same as Stonehenge in their formation and size. The Hamman in Tangiers was an unforgettable experience. This cave like space, had heated floors, and an overflowing source of hot water, creating a steamy, mysterious atmosphere. Naked women of all shapes and sizes filled three large rooms, while matrons with pendulous breasts moved around, taking on the task of soaping us like little babies, then scrubbing us from head to toe till we were literally like a snake who has shed it’s old skin for new. Feeling thus refreshed, we were ecstatic to feast on delicacies afterward in the hot humid night air, on a terrace overlooking the plaza.
Typical houses in the village of Chefchaouen

In a resort by the Atlantic Ocean, the waves were so powerful it was impossible to swim for long distances. We had to accept the fact that this beach was more for receiving a wave jacuzzi massage, being tumbled into turbulent water. Some of the beaches in Morocco are a disgrace, since the people seem to have no idea about protecting environment, but leave their broken glass bottles littering the sand. We did see many signs telling people to take care of the environment, but this message has not sunk in. We saw huge fields literally carpeted with plastic bottles and litter of all kinds. As in every place in the world, there are drawbacks, and there are areas of astonishing beauty. The artisan crafts on display in the ancient walled cities in the various towns we visited are truly masterful. Many a time, I was wishing I had come in a big van, to be able to buy some of the wonderful objects, such as carpets, pottery and furniture, all hand crafted.
The highlight of our trip was in Chefchaouen, a Sufi village in the mountains, next to a beautiful river. The old town has all blue-washed buildings. Being there is like stepping back to the time of Aladdin’s cave. The ancient winding cobbled streets have a wide array of arts and crafts on display. Coming to the edge of the town, there is a wide river with tingling cold water straight from the mountain heights. Here carpets are washed in the old way, beaten in the river and laid out to dry on the bank.
Traveling further up the river by car, there are wonderful bathing areas, with waterfalls, pools and little beaches. Here we spent a very pleasant day. The only strange thing was, to notice the definite lack of women bathing in the water. They hung out on the bank, fully dressed with scarves and long sleeved dresses in the full burning sun, while the men and children cavorted in the water in bathing suits.
Dar Gnawa Musicians playing for an all night trancedance ritual

On the last evening of our visit, our French hostess of the guest house we were staying in, organized a very special event. This was with Dar Gnawa, a traditional healing music group who play for all night trance dance events, called ‘Lila.’ The master shaman musician is named Abdellah El Gourd. He also plays fusion music with some of the greatest musicians of the world. We were spellbound as they made their way onto the terrace, in full costume, beating huge drums and singing. The music gets under the skin, and creates an irresistible urge to dance. They play huge castanets, and Abdellah plays a special stringed instrument.
They sing, and take turns dancing, inspiring the audience to join them. The music builds in tempo, finally exploding into an orgasmic crescendo. After each piece, they smoke and drink sweet mint tea. In this way, they continue till sunrise. As the audience joins in, if there is someone who feels a call to be healed, they can put some money at the feet of the master. At this point something beyond words takes possession of the person and they dance to a frenzy, purging and expressing whatever is sitting on their energy as they dance. Finally, they collapse on the floor in a faint.
Of course, I went straight into trance with this very hypnotic music. At a certain point in the evening, in a state of no mind, I found myself putting my money at the feet of the master. As soon as I did this, the music, musicians and I became one. I was completely possessed by a powerful, healing, purging energy, which expelled all impurities from my psyche and body. I let go completely into it, dancing beyond time and mind till as one, we all let go. As my body fell to the ground, the music stopped suddenly. As my body lay prone, loving feminine energy surrounded me, bringing a special scent under my nose, caressing my face, bringing water to my lips. It was a death and a rebirth. I have deep love and respect for this type of healing ritual, and would love to see this spreading in the world. I believe when people go to raves, deep down, they are actually searching into their ancestral memory for this kind of healing and purifying event. As I complete this blog, I would like to express my gratitude to these musical healers, and to all the people who participated in our healing retreat in Morocco. What a gift it is to open to healing energy, with Colour Light Therapy, with music, and all the other healing modalities which weave their way through our lives!
Sarita with Abdellah El Gourd after the trancedance ritual

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