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Mystical, Multi-Dimensional, Raw Life

Niten shares his experience of how eating raw food has not only improved his health and given him more energy for life, but connected him deeply to the earth and spirit.


I first got into raw foods in 1996, when living on a permaculture farm, in the tropical parts of Australia. It all just felt natural to feed from our fruit trees and vegetable garden. Before I knew it, I was a ‘Raw Foodist’, not because I intended to but because it tasted so much better! Also the amount of energy I would gather for the day was just incomparable! It occurred to me that this had to do with the fact that I was eating foods coming straight from the land and not treated with chemical pesticides.
Being on a raw diet has given me many different and surprising benefits. For example, it has increased quite drastically my sensitivity on all levels, including a deeper respect for all living beings on earth.
One of Niten’s delicious raw salads

Walking in nature has become a profound experience that one could describe as spiritual. Not that the yellow of the lemons hanging on the tree was not there before, but it would suddenly turn into a glowing, surreal fruit, as if to reveal its glory, its eternal joy to be alive! Its fragrance would be almost intoxicating,  and I could still smell it even from far away… Eating “Living Foods” meant, for me, re-connecting to the spirit of the earth….In a very tangible way……A direct experience of what can be described in books as esoteric or mystical.
In fact, at some stage, I realized that raw foods not only helped me to deepen my meditation but it brought a totally new perspective:  you don’t  meditate any more, you  simply ARE in a state of meditation: a peaceful, contented and insightful Being, allowing yourself to be carried away by Life… So in this way, Living Raw Foods are tremendously supportive for meditation because it harmonizes body, mind and spirit.
Raw food can bring the quality of meditation into life

I’ve become less prone to physical sickness, emotional turmoils and mood swings, and there seems to be a subtle harmony that has settled within, just like the perfect equilibrium found in nature. It brings a new joy in your life, an enchanting process…Becoming a totally new person…Eating raw means: reclaiming  our natural state of being. In other words, a new birth. Your eyes see more, your ears hear more, your hands touch more, your body feels more, your heart loves more. Everything becomes “more”, not in the sense of quantity but in the sense of quality.
You can have a communion with Existence now, entering a very intimate conversation.
Life becomes colourful and you become a rainbow. Embracing the whole spectrum of Life.
Life becomes richer, multidimensional.
It has depth, heights, beautiful valleys and beautiful sunlit peaks.
You start expanding as you reclaim your Self.
This is the miracle of combining a Living Raw diet and meditation!
Love Niten x
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