Response to Norway events

It has been very shocking to hear about the madman who singlehandedly killed so many innocent people, including children, in Oslo, Norway. I have been praying and meditating for whatever healing may be possible around this event.
In my inner vision, I see a park created where the disaster occurred, dedicated to love and care, for each other as human beings and for the Earth. Over time, people can come into this space and spread the healing energy of love and peace and remember what not to do in society, which feeds such destruction. With that comes the obvious, of taking steps to prevent other such occurrences from taking root in the psyche of weak individuals who can be influenced to go into a harmful direction through how they are programmed from their environment.
For example, it is now known, that the man who did this act of violence was addicted to video games which specialise in blowing up buildings and in killing the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time, preferably on an island where they have no chance of escaping. In other words, this man was in a state of self induced hypnosis which he brought on by practising over and over in virtual reality, what he later did in physical reality. As he picked off his victims, he was heard to use the terms employed in the video games he had been watching, such as, “good night!”
Another question which needs to be asked is, how did he get the high powered killing machines he used, the guns? These two areas need to be looked into with the view to stop selling them. Yes, that is right, just let go of such destructive commerce. I hope Norway will set the trend in the world to do this. In this way, the lives of the innocent victims will not have been lost in vain. Through their sacrifice, we can move into a more intelligent direction. If you want video games, make them about renewal of the earth, of the environment. How many trees can you plant in the shortest amount of time? How many people can you hug? How much love can you share through your actions and your speech?