You are offered resources here that will take you on an ever-expanding journey in tune with your true nature of love, consciousness, inner ecstasy and illumination.

I have created these courses because people all over the world deserve to have access to their inner ecstasy potential. Not everyone can travel to meet me or my team for an in – person course. The online courses are a tremendous resource to help you evolve your potential in the comfort of your own home. And for those who have already done in –  person courses with me or my team, the online courses function as an added bonus to what you have received, helping you to reconnect with the magic of Tantra practices any time.

Ninad Martin Vrabko (film maker, co-director and editor) and I have poured our combined talents into making these online courses of exceptional artistry and value.

Our actors and actresses have offered their heart and soul into their roles. All of our actors and actresses are already walking the path of Tantra and this makes their radiant transmission on-screen even more powerful.

Our ever-expanding library of online courses includes offerings for singles, couples and some specialty courses for women. Enjoy this journey of discovery! We will be delighted to hear from you about your progress and if you have questions you are welcome to contact us.

Ninad Martin Vrabko, MQEP is the Director of Photography and filming for Tantra Essence Online courses. He has more than 25 years’ experience in photography and videography and has been working on our online courses together with his assistants with a very refined and elevated artistic approach. Ninad is also a very talented Tantra Teacher in our Kaula Team. He teaches the Tantra Mastery Series and Master Lover groups together with his beautiful wife, Lucia. Ninad has created a wonderful platform for the online courses called Tantra Garden. By clicking on the link, you will be able to buy the online courses through Tantra Garden.

Tantra Essence Online Courses


Celebrate the goddess: in me, in you and in every woman. Find the divinity that wants to be experienced in you and through you. We offer you a dedicated path of pleasure, love and meditation tuned to the Divine Feminine.

Part 1 of this series, The Goddess Unveiled, explores attributes and techniques for the heart chakra, a power centre for women. You will learn self-love, loving others and loving the whole, whilst discovering your Goddess Nature. As we relax into our innate nature of love and compassion, we discover a tremendous, ever-flowing resource of feminine power, beauty and resilience.

Discover the fullness of your own inner potential, as a lover, a mother / creator and a wise woman. You deserve to dance in celebration, to be multi-orgasmic, to know love in everyday life and to live in awe of your own beauty. You deserve to be a fully empowered woman!

The course is offered as a group format, making it very pleasant and easy to follow. So even though you may be doing this course on your own at home, the format will help you to feel included and empowered in our Goddess Essence community.


Celebrate the goddess: in me, in you and in every woman. Find the divinity that wants to be experienced in you and through you. We offer you a dedicated path of pleasure, love and meditation tuned to the Divine Feminine.

Part 2 of this series, Women’s Erotic and Emotional Fulfilment, , takes you through a deep journey of self-discovery of your own pleasure and power. Learn about the female erotic response in the genitals, throughout the body and the brain. Understand the role emotions play in women’s flowering. Explore woman as the portal for both birth and death cycles, treasures held in our womb centre connecting us to the wheel of life, and our potential as Goddess. Discover the role physical connection and intimacy plays in awakening woman’s inner ecstasy potential. Understand the positive and receptive nature of the chakra system and how Kundalini energy is activated in women.

This course taps into our tribal energy and is for women of all ages and backgrounds. Young and old benefit from each other, just like in any tribe, where you have a full cross-section of people living together in interdependence offering mutual support.

The course is offered as a group format, making it very pleasant and easy to follow. So even though you may be doing this course on your own at home, the format will help you to feel included and empowered in our Goddess Essence community.


The Master Lover course offers you a whole new level of relating, sensually, emotionally and spiritually. It is a journey to discover the true nature of being male or female in deepest fulfilment, becoming fully orgasmic and expanding this to include your entire being. It is about how to live your full ecstatic potential in your daily life.

By purchasing the Master Lover online course, you will have access to over 20 videos, which takes you deeply into the exploration of your intimacy in your safe and private space. Through discourses, meditations and ritual you will be guided into true intimacy with yourself and between male and female partners.

In this course, we offer you:

Anatomy of Pleasure: detailed information about male & female anatomy of pleasure with several little known facts that may blow your mind
Chakra System: a guide into the subject of our chakra map, offering astonishing revelations about what makes men and women different and yet complementary in all aspects of life
Importance of Rituals: explore simple yet powerful options for how to tune in with your partner in the present moment and experience pleasurable and enriching quality time together
Self-Pleasuring Ritual: self-pleasure and its importance in our intimacy. Deprogram and reprogram sexual behaviours and patterns
Spiral to Heaven Ritual: this master key of erotic play answers the question about how to prepare our partner for divine union
The Art of Fulfilment: the art of love based on Tantric principles


This online course is for you if you have a calling for evolving spiritually and are ready to practice the tried and tested methods being offered here. You will be invited to practice these as 4 unique series of meditation methods.

The Ajna chakra, also known as the ‘Third Eye’ is a magnetic subject because it remains a mysterious potential, veiled over by centuries of misinformation and fear. In fact, the 'Third Eye' offers us our birthright of natural clairvoyance, altered states of consciousness and bliss.

By participating in this course, you have the opportunity of awakening from the matrix and finding your true soul calling. It is a clarion call to be aligned, body, heart, mind and soul. This course is our invitation for you to bring the opening of your Third Eye into your daily life: reconnecting with your true nature, dissolving who you are not and embracing your true magnificence, learning the language of intuition and simple methods to awaken your clairvoyant potential.

The techniques offered in this course are simple, effective and easy to learn. You can practice these methods in the comfort of your own home easily and naturally.

Tantra Essence Single Classes


Discovering secret zones all over the body for awakening erotic energy & ecstasy

This course is for: women who love massage and expanding your pleasure potential. The whole body is a map of erogenous zones. There are many secret zones in our bodies.  It is a revelation to explore these, through giving and receiving guided massage.

This compact course offers the following benefits:

Everyone knows that we have erogenous zones in the pelvic area, breasts, sides of the neck and ears, but there are many erogenous zones that people are unaware about. In this course we explore some lesser known erotically connected areas of the body, tuning the instrument of our body for greater fulfilment.

You will learn:

  • The theory about and placement of secret erogenous zones on the body.
  • How to massage these in order to awaken the potent energy stored there.
  • How to integrate these zones into a full body massage which will open up new pleasure pathways in your body.

This course contains a one hour guided massage practice with detailed description.

  • This lesson is also part of the Women’s Erotic and Emotional Fulfillment online course. If you purchase this lesson only, you will be granted a discount for later purchase of the whole course.


This course presents a simple ritual for heightening intimacy and erotic pleasure. It is for couples who would like to understand and be guided into heightened pleasure states for both men and women. Explore simple, yet powerful methods to enable you to tune in with your partner in the present moment and experience enriching quality time together. This course contains two lessons and five powerful, yet easy to practice rituals which take you deeper into intimacy: Surprise, Ritual, Romantic Dance, Sharing and Striptease.

This compact course offers the following benefits:

  • By bringing a loving awareness to intimacy we transform our biological functioning into a divine blessing, opening into expanded consciousness and bliss. 
  • Being creative and inventive in how we express ourself with our partner activates honeymoon hormones together. 
  • Practicing Tantra meditation with our partner brings flowering in all dimensions of being.


This course is for women who are passionate about transforming themselves, their relationships and the world as a whole. Atisha’s Heart Meditation is a traditional Tantra practice. This meditation contains a quintessential Tantra transmission, how to transform poison into nectar. By practicing this meditation as a series, you will discover love and compassion for all beings. This meditation offers a path to Inner Mastery, in three easy steps. It is a meditation created by a great Tantra Master named Atisha who travelled from India to Tibet to spread his teachings inspired by the Goddess Tara.

The Guided Meditation offered here is a taster from the 'Goddess Unveiled' Online Course. You may join this profound experiential lesson and taste how the Goddess Essence online course functions. This lesson contains an introduction, demonstration and detailed description of Atisha’s Heart Meditation. You have a unique opportunity to be part of a group format. You are guided in real time through the meditation and will witness other women also going through this meditation practice.