Creativity: Love, The Language of Meditation

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra was the first thing Sarita heard Osho talk about. It has been part of her Tantra journey ever since; practising the meditations alone, in a couple and sharing them with the world.
In this quote, Osho speaks on why the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra uses the language of love rather than logic, and how the relationship between the master and discipline works.

Sarita with Osho in the 70s

“Devi is sitting in the lap of Shiva and asking, and Shiva answers. It is a love dialogue – no conflict, as if Shiva is speaking to himself. Why this emphasis on love – love language? Because if you are in love with your master, then the whole gestalt changes; it becomes different. Then you are not hearing his words. Then you are drinking him. Then words are irrelevant. Really, the silence between the words becomes more significant. What he is saying may be meaningful or it may not be meaningful…but it is his eyes, his gestures, his compassion, his love.
When you are deeply in love your mind ceases to be. There is no past; only the present moment becomes everything. When you are in love the present is the only time, the now is all – no past, no future. So Devi is just open. There is no defence – nothing to be cleared, nothing to be destroyed. The ground is ready, only a seed has to be dropped. The ground is not only ready, but welcoming, receptive, asking to be impregnated.”
Picture of Shiva and Shakti copyright the Santan Society.

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