An enlightened Mystic and Spiritual Master from India who offers a holistic vision of spirituality based on Tantra principles; applying meditative awareness to every aspect of life experience. Some of his mottos: “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” “Live, Love, Laugh.” “Love the body; it is through the body you reach the divine”.


He guided me personally into many different Tantric meditation techniques. I was blessed to be able to ask him questions and be guided into a refined path of personal development and meditation.

Furthermore, when I married, at the age of 19, he guided us as a couple into Tantra meditation experiments in relationship. He gave us inscriptions for our wedding rings, blessed our marriage and offered us a special gift as a symbol for our relationship.

I was invited to do devotional work in his house as a cleaner, a position I held for 8 years. This job included cleaning his bedroom and bathroom. Therefore, I had an intimate awareness of his personal lifestyle.

I was also invited to be one of his mediums in his famous ‘Energy Darshan,’ a role and experience which transformed me forever, offering a deeply lived understanding of inner ecstasy.

His daily discourses on spirituality, important life issues and meditation were a guiding light on my path. His radical active meditation techniques opened my chakras and kundalini and led me to higher consciousness states.

Ma Ananda Sarita on Osho


Osho gave a multitude of discourses and discourse series on Tantra and on various Tantra masters and Tantra lineages. These were transcribed and made into books. His Ashram was guided by Tantra principles, weaving together sexuality, love and spirituality into a multidimensional experience of oneself and of community.


Osho is a master of masters. He is the beginning point of his own unique lineage. However, because he offered so much insight and wisdom teaching on a variety of Tantra Masters and their lineages, I experience a deep connection with and understanding of a variety of Tantra lineages.

These include:

  • Shiva & Shakti:

    two lovers who are immortalised in the sacred text, the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra which is a scripture given as a love dialogue between Lord Shiva and his consort Paravati. She asks questions about love, life and spirituality and Shiva answers in sutra form. His answers comprise 112 methods of meditation.

  • Goraknath:

    a great Tantra Master who was the inspiration for the creation of the Khajuraho series of temples and was also the creator of Hatha Yoga.

  • Tilopa:

    a Tantra Master who specialised in the union of opposites leading to the ultimate truth beyond duality.

  • Atisha:

    a disciple of the Goddess Tara who initiated him into multiple methods for alleviating suffering in human beings. He spread her teachings throughout Tibet, helping countless people to enter the space of limitless love.

  • Saraha:

    after being a Brahmin scholar, a Buddhist monk and finally surrendering to a Tantra Woman Master, Saraha became enlightened and spread his path of inner ecstasy far and wide.

  • Baul Mystics:

    in the ecstatic lineage of Saraha, the Baul Mystics live on the fringe of society preaching their path of inner ecstasy through singing and dancing.

  • Taoist Tantra:

    beginning with Lao Tzu, this long lineage of wisdom offers immortality teachings through being aligned with inner and outer nature.

Before his death, Osho said he was dissolving himself into his people, that all of his people were his successors. Whoever has benefitted from and been transformed by his meditation techniques will be in some way or other radiating Osho’s transmission. As his disciples and devotees are spread all around the world sharing their multitudes of gifts, Osho’s fragrance is spreading and his gifts to the world are growing exponentially.

Osho's Legacy

Osho has given to the world a new vision of psychology which he calls the ‘Psychology of the Buddhas’. Here he offers a new way of understanding history based on Enlightened Beings and their contribution to the world (rather than a history based on the recounting of conquerors and despots).

He has offered a new and contemporary vision of Sannyas as “being in the world but not of the world.” He has brought a fresh and multidimensional understanding to meditation, making meditation easily accessible to everyday life. Osho has also brought deep insight and understanding to the puzzle of how to be in relationship as a spiritual path. He has revealed the path from sex to superconsciousness.


Osho’s contribution to the world includes numerous meditation techniques devised specially to help modern humanity towards enlightenment. The entire chakra system is opened and valuable life lessons learned through applying oneself to these meditations. The practitioners of Osho’s active meditations will find themselves moving on a fast track from sex to superconsciousness.

The meditations include:

  • Dynamic:

    opening one to the 5 aspects necessary for spiritual awakening, breath, emotional fluidity, kundalini rising, silence and transcendence, celebration and gratitude.

  • Kundalini:

    an integrative holistic approach to awakening kundalini flow and inner ecstasy.

  • Nadhabrahma:

    connecting with the soundless sound, the essence of life and discovering harmonious integration of the principles of life and death.

  • Nataraj:

    becoming a co-creater with the divine, of your life and creative expression.

  • Gourishankar:

    awakening the third eye and higher consciousness.

  • Mahamudra:

    the great gesture arising out of the ultimate orgasm with the universe.

  • Golden Flower:

    a Taoist Tantra technique to bring harmony between your inner male, inner female and the right and left sides of the brain.

He has also developed specialised meditative therapies
Mystic Rose

Across three weeks, definitively awakening our inner divinity through laughter, tears and silence

No Mind

Discovering a state of no-mind and deep meditation through the art of gibberish

Born Again

Rewriting your inner child program through the art of playfulness and wonder

Osho's Sannyas

In traditional Sannyas, the seeker of truth renounces the world, leaving behind possessions, home and family and moves on their life path as a wandering mendicant, with only the clothes on their back and a begging bowl. They may begin this process through initiation with a Guru who may shave their head and offer them a spiritual name.

Osho proclaimed that the time of escaping from the world as an expression of spirituality is over. In his new vision of Sannyas, Osho invited seekers of truth to renounce their past rather than renouncing the world. He intitiated seekers by giving them a new spiritual name and a mala with 108 wooden beads with a locket holding his photo. He also offered a blessing on the third eye of the person being initiated. This initiation process offered the seeker a new birth, in tune with their own unique true nature.

Osho emphasised meditation as being the master key for moving on the path to Enlightenment and he developed a multitude of meditation techniques to nurture inner transformation. He called his meditation retreats, ‘Samadhi Sadhana Shibeer,’ meaning, ‘Camp for Inner Ecstasy and Enlightenment.’


Osho’s radical and cutting-edge approach to spirituality stirred many controversies. He was labelled as a Sex Guru because he introduced Tantric concepts into his spiritual teachings at a time when the mainstream society was not ready to hear such things.

Before his death, Osho said he had no contemporaries and that it would take another 200 years before he would be widely understood. His work carried some elements of ‘crazy wisdom’ where he would use outrageous and sometimes shocking devices to help people in their awakening process.

When Sarita worked in the Press Office in his community she asked him what she should do about the negative articles about him being written by journalists. Osho replied that it doesn’t matter what is written about him. What matters is that His photo should be shown with the article. As we know, one picture is worth a thousand words. And so it is that if we see Osho’s picture, we will receive a direct transmission of his enlightened consciousness beyond any written words.


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