“‘Kaula’ is a Sanskrit term, which essentially means a spiritual family who are devoted to life-affirmative Tantra methods in service of spiritual liberation. The merging of spirit and matter, Shiva and Shakti, is actualized through Kaula practices. Ma Ananda Sarita, having received a direct transmission from Osho and with the wisdom which comes from a life dedicated to meditation, shares her passion for Tantra with those who are open to receive and integrate the offering. This ignites a fire of transmission and communion; a love affair leading to new evolutionary consciousness.

Our Tantra Essence Kaula is made up of dedicated, vibrant, talented Tantra Teachers from all over the world, who have apprenticed with me for years and / or taken part in my two – year Tantra Teacher Training. These are teachers you can trust who are rooted in authentic Tantra based in the practice of meditation and who hold clear ethical boundaries. Tantra is a multidimensional approach to spiritual awakening and in order to teach it effectively teachers must have passed through a fire of personal transformation in all dimensions of their being. It is my great honour and delight that our Kaula family are united in offering the very best calibre of Tantra to all who are interested in personal development and self-transformation on the path of Tantra.”

“Philosophically, Kaula is said to represent a unifying connectedness, beneath the various objects, processes and living entities of this world”… “The key to the effectiveness of group practice is held to reside in the harmony of minds and hearts of the participant. When a compatible spiritual group is created, it can greatly accelerate the spiritual evolution of its members… such a group can enter a state of oneness and universal consciousness without effort.” Source: New World Encyclopedia on the Kaula



TE Founder Lead Teacher

Ma Ananda Sarita is a world-renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world. Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self- realisation. At the same time, she helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences. She is also a master healer, author and producer of Tantra online courses. She began teaching in 1990, having established a School devoted to Tantra and Healing Arts, and later Tantra Essence. Sarita developed and teaches many unique courses, including the 7 level Tantra Soul Mate Training for Couples, as well as the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, offering a profoundly transformative experience of the 112 methods from this 5000 year old scripture. She now lives split between Bali and Corfu, whilst travelling internationally for teaching.

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Lead Faculty

Tanmaya initially studied as an actress and singer before falling in love with meditation and personal development in Osho communities. It is her joy to blend deep and profound meditations with playfulness and lightness – all infused with her profound transmission of love. Her way of teaching is full of heart and an invitation to blossom in bliss, love and meditation.

In 2011, Tanmaya came in contact with Ma Ananda Sarita, who became her teacher and guide and Tanmaya studied with her intensively over several years, exploring her own inner sky and diving deeply into the essence of love and meditation. Deeply rooted in the teachings of Osho and infused by a deep quest for true love and authentic living Tanmaya offers a powerful transmission of Tantra, that is both sacred and contemporary. She teaches a wide array of groups in the Tantra Essence curriculum, and specializes in teaching the couples Soul Mate Series.

“My vision is that we are divinity embodied. And this vision I hold through all my offerings and approaches. I cherish to be intimate in all layers of my being and to show myself with all that I am. I also cherish those I come in contact with, seeing you in all that you are.”

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Lead Faculty

Dharmaraj is a Tantra Teacher, Sexuality & Intimacy Coach, Holistic Healer and former Biological Holistic Dentist, hailing from the USA. As a Lead Faculty of Tantra Essence, he offers trainings, groups, and healing sessions internationally in Europe, Asia, and USA. He offers Sexuality & Intimacy Coaching, for individuals and couples.

He has trained with some of the greatest Masters in the world of Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, Sexuality, Energy, Bodywork, and Healing including Ma Ananda Sarita, Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia, Sahajananda, Betty Martin, Alison Armstrong, Homa & Mukto, Sheri Winston, Lynda Caesara, David Wagner, Amara Charles, Charles Muir, Charlie Glickman, Isis Phoenix, Chantelle Raven & Aaron Kleinerman, Svarup & Premartha, Nisarga Eryk Dubosz and, indirectly, Osho.

Dharmaraj has taught at Tantra festivals including Angsbacka Tantra Festival (Sweden, largest Tantra festival in the world), Tantra Festival India, Osho Leela Sexuality Festival (UK), Baltic Tantra Festival, Tantra Essence Festival (Corfu and Bali), One World Tantra Festival, Integrated Masculine Symposium and The Tantric Couple Webinar.

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Suta Bodhisatvaa

Lead Faculty

Suta has over 25 years’ experience in the healing arts, including Tantra, Breathwork, Massage, Trancedance Facilitator and DJ, Meditation and Darkness Retreats. He has worked closely with Ananda Sarita since 2008 and has led workshops and trainings in 15 countries. 

He facilitates people looking to evolve through, and in, Love and Awareness by synergising the powers in sexuality and spirituality. Combining insight and compassion with Tantra, breathwork and his presence, he helps inspire and empower clients to remember their deep truth and enjoy more fulfilling intimacy. 

Suta teaches the Soul Mate Series for couples in Europe together with Ma Prem Tanmaya.

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All Teaching Faculty

Modestas Stonkus

Tantra Essence Teacher

Modestas Stonkus is the founder of ‘Dance of Tantra’, a personal development platform, based on dance movement expression techniques and powerful personal transformation tools. Having been a professional dancer for many years as well as following the path of Tantra, he has passionately immersed himself in the meeting of dance and Tantra as a spiritual path for personal growth & consciousness.

He is a graduate of The Tantra Essence Teacher Training and as lead faculity he facilitates many groups and trainings in the Tantra Essence curriculum. He specializes in teaching the Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training, Tantra Essence Teacher Training, and the Soul Mate Series for couples. Modestas works as a Mentor, Tantric Bodyworker, Teacher of dance & as a DJ all around the world. He strives to create inspirational experiences, motivating inner growth and expansion of love.

Modestas’s favourite saying is: “Guidance is Internal ”. In his opinion we all have the ability to reach our full human potential and full empowered freedom in this lifetime. He invites every person to step up, mature and cultivate their inner self-authority to create the life they are dreaming about.


Tantra Essence Teacher / Filmmaker

Ninad is a highly acclaimed photographer and filmmaker. Since he discovered the path of Tantra since 2004, he trained with John Hawken, Alan Lowen and completed the Tantra Teachers Training with Ma Ananda Sarita. He regularly teaches Tantra Seminars in Europe.

Since 2016 he has been regularly lecturing about Tantra and conducting weekend tantric seminars. He completed several annual tantric trainings. In 2015 Martin took Sannyas – the path of spreading Tantra and OSHO teaching, accepting the Sannyas name Dev Ninad.

Ninad also works as a photographer and a film maker. He works with internationally renowned Tantra teachers on projects that promote Tantra. He has also co-created together with Sarita the online Tantra Essence courses and portfolio and manages the site.


Tantra Essence Teacher

In 2021, Lucia (Rani) from Slovakia completed 8 years of diploma certificated training of Process Oriented Psychotherapy (Process Work) run by some of the best worldwide psychotherapists. She graduated in Therapeutical Pedagogy.

Lucia successfully completed the Tantra Essence Teacher Training in 2018 with Ma Ananda Sarita (a long-time devotee of the Tantra Master Osho). Together with Ninad they have undergone the Tantra Essence Soul Mate Series for couples, aimed at deepening of relationship and exploring the depth of sexual connection between partners.

The world of Tantra workshops is part of their everyday lives. They would like to bring these experiences to people who are passionate about evolving through Tantra. At the same time, Rani integrates the study of Process Work with Tantra and the possibilities of self-development are given new dimensions.


Tantra Essence Teacher

Dhyan Yogi (from Italy) is dedicated to expanding love, consciousness and joy. Having completed the Tantra Essence Teacher Training in 2016, Dhyan has since travelled the world teaching groups and at festivals. Connecting to humans, nature and spirit, he integrates all aspects of life, from grounded sexuality to expanded spirituality. 

After working many years as a theoretical astrophysicist, the discovery of Osho and Tantra brought him to direct all his energy and passion to ‘inner research’. He dedicates his discoveries on this path to teaching people to liberate themselves from chains of conditioning. He encourages his students to open their potential for conscious relating and balancing male-female energies, to let life energy and love flow freely. Dhyan is the founder of the School of Conscious Tantra and Shamanism and he is also the founder of a Retreat Center in Italy called ‘Conscious Land.


Tantra Essence Teacher, Founder of Tantra Awakening

Shivani found her soul calling in sharing Tantra with others, hoping to inspire them on their path of awakening. She was drawn to Tantra in her 20s, as it seemed to integrate spirituality and sexuality. She was longing to discover her sexual potential and experience true love making, but also to find a deeper meaning to life. Tantra turned out to be her biggest love affair – besides dancing and cats. Shivani is based in the Netherlands. People describe her as a loving, sensitive being, teaching with humour and enthusiasm – transmitting spiritual practices in a down-to-earth way. She is trained in Tantra, Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness.


Tantra Essence Teacher

Tantra teacher, holistic therapist and healing channel. Amrita is deeply in love with Tantra as a spiritual path to Enlightenment. She is fascinated by its transformational power to unlock your full potential and bring you back to love and connection. Her powerful energy, together with the ability to create sacred space leads the group and each individual into deep transformation. She is a master of channeling high vibrational healing frequencies. This powerful energy has the ability to dissolve inner blockages to touch the soul so you can remember who you truly are. She has more than 10 years of experience with groups, singles, couples and women.

Damir Maux

Tantra Essence Faculty

Damir (from Switzerland) has a background in the Sufi tradition. His style of teaching reflects a devotional and heart - centred approach. His heart opened and blossomed through the practice of Tantric Meditations; he discovered inner peace and the awakening of his inner fire. His teachings are deeply rooted in his own lived experience of Tantra and Sufi methods.

Damir regularly teaches Tantra groups for men and women and men’s work in Switzerland. He specialises in teaching the Tantra Essence Inner Mastery Series (Chakras 1 - 7). He is a graduate of the Tantra Essence Teacher Training and has also studied Taoist Tantra with Mantak Chia. He is co - founder of a community and lakeside Retreat Center in Switzerland which hosts Meditation and Tantra events.

Nama Devi

Tantra Essence Teacher

Nama Devi (from Italy) is a Tantric priestess, healer and bodyworker, facilitating groups in Europe and Asia. Passionately devoted to her conscious spiritual path, she helps individuals and couples to rediscover their full inner potential, empowering and balancing sexual vital energy, the chakra system and shamanic principles as keys for a joyful and blissful life.

Nama Devi started her path with energetic and shamanic work. Later, the discovery of Osho and Tantra with Ma Ananda Sarita totally transformed her life. Through the Goddess Essence Training and Tantra Essence Teacher Training, she allowed her divine feminine to fully blossom. Combining the wisdom of Tantra and the power of the sacred feminine, she helps women to liberate and balance the potential inherent in their wombs. Together with her partner Dhyan, they support couples to discover sacred unity, when body, mind, heart and soul merge in a symphony of inner ecstasy.

Dhyan Samya

Tantra Essence Teacher


Dhyan Samya is a renowned Teacher of Tantra in India. She carries a deep yearning in her heart to bring back the grace and wisdom of Tantra to her country.

She is a gifted healer, certified in therapeutic yoga and various kinds of bodywork, including Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, and is a long-time meditator in Osho’s lineage. She has studied extensively with Sarita including the 112 methods of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and is a graduate of the Tantra Essence Teacher Training She is one of the teachers of the Tantra Essence Teacher Training, held simultaneously in India, Bali, and Europe as a coordinated team offering

Samya has also been initiated into devotional Tantra and esoteric rituals by Baul Mystic Guru, Sadhan Das. She has a deep calling to imbibe the wisdom of ancient Tantra Scriptures of the Kashmiri Shaivism tradition and studies these with Sw. Brahmananda. Samya is passionate about offering Tantra as a complete path towards living an ‘all embracing life.’


Deva Sangeet

Tantra Essence Teacher, Musician, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor


Deva Sangeet (Dan Blanchard) is multi-talented in many dimensions of creative expression. He blends Indian Classical Music with Vedic Chanting, Tantra, Pranayama, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Men's work for overall well-being and inner peace. Sangeet is a Tantra Teacher, having been trained by world renowned Tantra Master, Ma Ananda Sarita. He is classically trained on the santoor by Indian master Pandit Satish Vyas and trained in classical Vedic chanting by Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. He has studied men’s work and Tantra Polarity extensively with David Deida and other teachers in his lineage. Sangeet has completed a comprehensive training of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy and is registered as an Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor with NAMA (the National Ayurvedic Medical Association), and is proficient in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) mediation.

Sangeet says: “Tantra offers methods and a safe container for rapid transformation of past traumas and conditioning, stagnated emotions and limitations. We discover our authentic self and have deeper intimacy and connection with ourselves and those around us. Tantra invites us to live a life full of joy, bliss, and deep inner peace.

Sangeet is also an entrepreneur and software architect. He is originally from the United States, and he currently lives in Bali.

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Web SITE Designer


Social Media Manager / Organizer

Born and brought up in India and having worked in the corporate world for 6 years Sadhana finally found her true soul calling in the ancient wisdom and practices of Yoga and Tantra. 

Naturally drawn to Bhakti Yoga and Dhyana (meditation), Sadhana studied with several renowned Yoga Gurus in India and subsequently was initiated by an enlightened Tantra Master. In 2020, Sadhana met Sarita in Bali and is continuing her Tantra path under her guidance.

As a Kaula Team member Sadhana is passionate about bringing her Yoga teachings for Tantra Essence groups and TETV as a way to truly offer transformation for both body and mind.

Being an influencer through Instagram, Sadhana is overjoyed in bringing her tech skills to Tantra Essence. She takes care of Sarita’s social media and is also an organizer for Sarita’s groups in Bali.


Business manager

Supragya Bartlam has a background in teaching business management skills and is a certified couples counsellor. He has been a devotee of Osho since the 1980’s and has been working with Sarita since the late nineties as both an organiser for some of her groups and trainings and as her personal Business Manager. He loves the nature and the variety of the ‘work’ and the people this brings him into contact with.

Supragya enjoys trekking in nature; he ran though Iran and Afghanistan with friends in 1974, has walked the Camino de Santiago several times and enjoys his rural life in Devon, England where he is in daily contact with the beauty of the surrounding countryside. 

He feels blessed and full of gratitude for the opportunity to support such meaningful work which helps thousands of people worldwide.

Follow your bliss