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Peace: By Sarita

The text below was written while I was undergoing a 21 day fast and silent meditation retreat in 2008. I was on a journey to the depths of my being. One day, I came into resonance with the essence of peace.

Deep blue peace engulfs this being. As the experience settles, in silent meditation, the following qualities regarding peace become evident.
Peace is what each being searches for, and yet, because death has an aspect of peace, and people are afraid of death, most people spend much of their lives running away from it.
Peace can only be experienced by one who is peaceful to the very depths of their being. If someone carries unfinished baggage, in the form of resentments, angers, misery and blame of all kinds, they will not be able to experience peace. This is the real reason why there is no peace in the world. Even the people who cry out for peace to come to this world, are themselves in a state of inner anxiety, which can blow up into war at any moment with family members, or co-workers. Such people can never hope to bring peace to this world. Only those who cleanse themselves, body and soul and are ready to look death in the face without fear can know true peace and can spread true peace.
Peace is one of the most powerful words in existence, if said by a person who is at peace inside. It has the power to transform all strife immediately, because it springs from source.
The mantra of mantras is, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. We have heard this mantra many times and never realized its power, because it was not being spoken from the mouths of awakened beings. From the mouth of enlightened beings, it can bring forth powerful healing for our human world.
The enlightened ones, such as Krishna or Shiva, are depicted as blue, representing their abiding in peace. Whatever action they take arises from the source, which is eternally peaceful.
May peace guide our steps from this moment forward.
Love Sarita


Lead us from darkness to light
From ignorance to truth
And from death to eternity
Let peace prevail everywhere

From the Brihadaranyako Upanisad

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