Photography Waiver Form

Tantra Essence Photography and Video Recordings Policy

Tantra Essence groups and trainings (and particularly the Tantra groups) are by their very nature intimate and sensitive spaces. Participants are often seen at their most vulnerable and may be sharing information which is very personal and confidential. Some people may not wish to be identified and may guard their privacy Respect for privacy and confidentiality are paramount and a hallmark of all Tantra Essence groups and training.

Photographs and video footage of individuals, of small groups or the whole group whether the group or training is in process or immediately before or after the group or training shall only be allowed where permission has been granted. Each individual has the right to decline to be photographed/filmed throughout the whole group or training process or at any time when they express a desire not to be photographed/filmed. Photographers/ film makers need to be aware of the people who have chosen not to be filmed. Individuals must also take some responsibility themselves to speak up when they can see that photography or filming is happening.

All photographs/film footage produced by a Tantra Essence ‘official’ photographer/filmmaker, whether paid for or not by Tantra Essence will be for the exclusive use of Tantra Essence unless agreed otherwise in advance. These photographs and film footage may be used at any time in Tantra Essence publicity (whether on the website, in the Tantra Essence Newsletter or in social media connected to a Tantra Essence account) at any time after the group or training. If Sarita wishes to use photographs for one of her books permission of those in the photographs will be sought.

In this age of smart phones and tablets individuals may not take their own photographs unknown to Tantra Essence staff. Permission should always be sought in these situations. Photographs inside the group room will not be allowed whether the room is occupied or not.

For participants in groups/trainings

You have the right to choose not to be filmed/photographed at any time. Where pictures or film footage of them is taken which does not include other people or does not show any group structures or any of the artefacts in the group room then you can have these photographs or this footage for their own purposes. Everyone will be asked to sign a waiver document allowing Tantra Essence to take photographs or to make video recordings during the group or training and to use these subsequently for promotional purposes only.

Individuals may photograph or film other participants for their own personal purposes but only with permission from those they seek to photograph or record. Others who have not been asked should never be included whether deliberately or accidentally and all such photographs/film footage should be deleted immediately. Photography/film footage is not allowed inside the group room without the prior permission of the Tantra Essence teachers.