New Earth Being Born

Sarita tells all about the Tantra buzz in Poland including the creation of a Polish Tantra school and festival, the Venus Transit meditation, and the energies of the new Earth.

Sarita and Chintan sharing a joke at the conference

It is all happening in Poland! Tantra is the buzz word and there is a full on happening scene springing up around Tantra events of all kinds. In a single visit, Chintan and I had a conference with 120 people, he had a Tantra Rhythms event with 40 people, we had a weekend event with 40 people, and a 6 day group with 48 people. Talk about juicy! The energy was phenomenal as people surfed the Tantric wave and found themselves in full celebration of life and love.
We did an exquisite “Living Yantra’ ritual to celebrate the Venus Transit. That night, I had a visionary dream in which I saw a new era on this Earth. In the new era, Love has become the primary energetic reality. I saw and experienced that men and women will no longer be able to have sex without love, and this one transformation of consciousness will change the way we experience all of life. As a planetary shift in consciousness takes place, the morphic field is indeed buoying us into ascension. By ascension, I don’t mean that we will be leaving this planet. What I would like to convey, is that we will finally be in touch with the exquisite harmony of our beautiful Earth. We will want to be in tune with rather than out of tune with the heart of nature and all of life.
Letting loose

Poland is a great place to see this transformation in action. As a country, they have experienced untold suffering at the hands of various occupying forces, namely, Nazi Germany and more recently Russia. They have also been held in the thrall of extreme Catholic conditioning. After all the suffering, they certainly deserve the love and joy that Tantra brings.
My organizer in Poland, Jacek, is creating a big Tantra school, inviting teachers from Tantra Essence as well as other international teachers. He will be hosting the first Polish Tantra Festival next summer. Stay tuned to our calendar and newsletter for more details.
Love Sarita x

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