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THIS IS IT; the month we have been waiting for. Some people have been waiting with fear, or trepidation, some with excitement and enthusiasm, to discover what will happen on 21st December 2012. According to the famed Mayan calendar, the old world will end and a new world will begin. Many people interpret the old world to be our outer reality melting down, as in land masses shifting, new islands appearing while others disappear, and perhaps a dramatic shift in the earth axis, bringing disasters in their wake.

Earth aligning with the galactic centre

Other people foresee cataclysms in terms of how society functions, such as monetary systems, political systems, and religions going into a major tailspin. Some prefer to bury their head in the sand like the perennial ostrich and pretend nothing out of the ordinary is happening. And still others focus on the transformation of consciousness as being of monumental importance during this time, citing the earth orbiting into the galactic centre as being a cause of universal enlightenment.
Whatever is happening, one thing is for sure, change is in the air. Personally, I celebrate this portal of 2012 as being of major importance for the shift of consciousness so desperately needed by human beings in our evolutionary dance.
Consciousness shift

A simple truth is, as above so below, as within, so without. Our human society is made of individuals. It is not the society as a whole that brings change. Individuals evolve, and when this reaches a critical mass, there is a quantum leap in the collective consciousness and a new way of being emerges.
Whatever outer shifts happen will be in direct response to the inner shifts being experienced by large numbers of people. In recent years, we have seen the development of a sort of ‘horse race’; the people who are moving towards positive transformation racing neck to neck with the people who seem bent on the destruction of natural resources and of humanity. It is certainly an amazing time to be alive.
How sharp is your sword?

Recently I went through a dramatic inner transformation and since then I sense that this December passage is formed through the testing of our inner consciousness through outer events. It is similar to a good sword being tested for its sharpness and strength. How sharp is the sword of our individual awareness? My portal happened through an accident. The outer accident mirrored an inner shift, which was waiting to happen.
I was dancing wildly during the party at the end of the Tantra Meditation Retreat, in Dharamsala, India. The music was really fabulous, played by one of the best DJs on earth, Chintan. A woman was whirling with great abandon and as she whirled, her fist bashed into my face, rather like a punch from Muhammed Ali.
My body fell to the marble floor, and I immediately flew out of my body as it landed. I found myself absorbed into another world, a world made of peace and light. There were many dead people there, travelling into astral planes. They appeared in front of me like a welcoming party into the other world. Meanwhile, back on earth, the party abruptly ended. A crowd gathered. My beloved friend Niten held my head in his lap and he told me later, a river of blood was pouring through his hands from my mouth and nose. My beloved friend Chintan, gave me mouth to mouth resuscitation until someone told him, “It’s OK, she is breathing!” And a doctor turned healer, Ahlmeirah, rushed to the scene and discovered that no ambulance was needed, since it appeared the main injury was to the nose, which was not broken.
Osho, copyright Seema

Ahlmeirah is an amazing woman. She used to be an emergency room doctor, and after a dramatic awakening experience, she became a healer. She has developed a system called Light Body Healing, which she proceeded to offer me. She removed the shock and trauma and then brought me back into my body through a delicate procedure. In my ‘out of the body’ state, I saw Osho, as the guardian to another dimension. He laughed and told me it is not yet my time, and to go back. I found myself falling through endless space and finally landing with a bang into my body. I became aware that my nose and surrounding area was in a lot of pain.
The love surrounding me was palpable, and overwhelming. The whole room and the people around me were pulsating with love. Slowly but surely, Ahlmeirah guided me into a normal state of consciousness to the point that I could actually begin joking. She also did healing for the woman who had accidentally hit me as the poor girl was in deep shock and suffering.

My crown chakra was extremely sensitive, and she told me this was because I had flown out of the body through the crown. The next day, she continued the healing and my being opened to most wondrous shift. The best way to describe it is using the example given by the mystic poet Kabir. He described his awakening as the dew drop melting into the ocean. Then, shortly before his death, he called his son and asked him to change the poem. He said, “Previously I thought the dew drop has melted into the ocean, but now I realize the ocean has melted into the dew drop.”
For several years I have experienced my reality as being the dew drop melted into oceanic universal consciousness. The accident propelled me into another reality, where the ocean has melted into the dew drop.
I sense that a strong shock, such as my accident, was needed in order for this shift to take place. And along with this realization, comes the understanding that whatever outer shocks may happen in this portal of 2012 and beyond, they will always be intimately individual for each being, and will always be linked to the evolution of consciousness.
The Earth is love embodied

I am resting in a state of deep gratitude, for life and for the deep mysterious intelligence and responsiveness of inner and outer reality. Whatever happens is mirrored most deeply in and through love. The place I flew into when going out of the body was love and peace. The place I came back into when entering the physical was love embodied.
Therefore, I invite each being to use this portal of December 2012, to welcome the flow of love in whatever way is most appropriate for your personal shift in consciousness. Your inner being, your innermost heart will know with certainty how this should manifest. And you can trust your individual path.
At the time of writing, I am on an airplane headed for Thailand. I will be meeting a group of friends and we will meditate and do rituals in a jungle setting, to bring as much awareness and love to the portal of 21st December as possible. It is a promise I made long ago, and it is with a deep sense of joy that I follow this inner calling. Wherever you may be during these days leading up to 21st December and into the New Year, perhaps you will feel the soft kiss of angel wings brushing your cheek, or a loving embrace sent by our gathering. Welcome into this circle of love, which transcends time and space.
And finally some words from Osho about re-birth and awakening:
“There is no exit here! It is one-way traffic. You only come in…we don’t have another door, only the entrance. Then you have to be reborn; that is the only exit. But the exit is not in escape, it is in inscape. It is going inwards.”
Osho: Dhammapada, The Way of the Buddha, Vol 12, Talk #6
Love Sarita

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