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The future of humanity and of all life on this planet is of paramount importance. Whether you study the Mayan end of time predictions, or other renowned prophetic writings, it is clear that the epoch we find ourselves living in is offering us a profound koan about survival.
Either we learn to live in harmony with universal forces and thrive, or go against these and destroy ourselves in the process. Wise choices and actions need to be taken by each individual, which then feeds into the collective consciousness of the human species.
I was born at the time of the cold war between Russia and the USA. The collective was focused on fear of nuclear meltdown through attack by the rival superpower. While being ‘proud’ of the achievement of having created the atomic bomb and subsequently murdering millions of innocent civilians in Japan with it, the shadow of such an action hung over the power mongers with the threat of reprisal from some other quarter. One of my earliest memories was of my brother showing me a mushroom shaped cloud and informing me that such a cloud could bring death to everything that moved. I was terrified that I would not live long enough to discover my potential and this chilling thought turned me, at the age of 4 to becoming a seeker of truth. I wanted to find out what the essence of life is, and determined to dedicate my every breath to this aim before it was too late. This intense desire brought me to Osho at the tender age of 17. The power of his love and compassion, and the crystal clear genius of his message acted as a catalyst for the transformation of body mind and soul.
I now find myself in these tumultuous times as a catalyst, for others to find their own depths of transformation. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Mayan prediction of the ending of one era and the birth of another era is a living reality as we enter 2012. Time has speeded up, as has the thirst in many to live according to a greater cosmic alignment. Love is becoming increasingly important as a model for life, and, millions seek personal development, holistic health and meditation. There is a growing intolerance for lies of all kinds, as if the very atmosphere is permeated with a truth serum. And alongside this, is a diabolical build up of gross abuse of power, as if the power mongers sole desire is to rape and pillage this earth and her resources as much as possible before the emergence of the new dawn.
I remember Osho speaking about the shift we are now living through and warning us of all that has come to pass and more. I heard him say that it is out of chaos that great stars are born. He entreated us to awaken our consciousness in time to save this beautiful earth and the phenomenal evolutionary miracle of humanity. He told us that in times such as these, when all is in chaos, that there is the possibility for a great number of people to become enlightened. To have heard the words and to now see the truth of those words being demonstrated is simply awesome.
In my understanding, we are now shifting from 3rd chakra consciousness in the human collective, to 4th chakra consciousness. The 3rd chakra is all about letting go of conditioning given by others and discovering our own unique soul calling. It is also about becoming vast enough to contain all the contradictions of life. When we are afflicted by inner-division, this leads to inner and outer stress. When we learn to embrace opposite polarities, we discover harmony and meditation. The master key to understand 3rd chakra lessons is a sense of humour and playfulness. I was fascinated to see that when demonstrations happened recently on Wall Street and all around the world, the peaceful demonstrators intuitively knew that the way to approach the situation was through joy, celebration and love with a sense of comedy shining through their message.
This light-hearted attitude breaks through 3rd chakra stagnation and supports a shift into 4th chakra consciousness, which is all about love, nurturing and joy. We are placed on this earth to be her loving and joyful custodians, and I believe that the new shift in consciousness is helping us reclaim our wisdom and embrace our inherent destiny.
When I teach Tantra groups, people are amazed by how easy it is to fall in tune with love and joy. It is so, because the layers of social conditioning which have been put on top of us, are not really who we are. So when we are offered a milieu wherein we can embrace our true nature, it is instantly tangible and recognizable.
There are many people who are doing huge amounts of inspiring work to support the shift into the new dawn. With this newsletter, I wish to offer my gratitude to all those who are offering a shining beacon of awakened consciousness to support this shift.
In addition, I hope you will be as inspired as I am to read the predictions which have been passed down to us from previous times, offered by those far seeing individuals who cared so much about future generations that they were willing to go into great detail with their visionary wisdom and pass that down to us as a resource for the period we are now passing through. We are both challenged and greatly blessed to be alive now. I offer a toast for 2012; let us drink to the enlightenment of all beings, for the well being of our mother earth, and to the joy of being alive in such a pivotal time.
Love Sarita

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