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Raw Carrot Cake

Raw food chef Niten shares one of his many scrumptious recipes. This month’s delight is raw carrot cake, which is delicious, light and easy to make!
Raw carrot cake (serves 8)

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Raw carrot cake

800g Carrots
Rind of 2 Lemon
15 Dates
100g Dehydrated Coconut
A handful of Cacao Nibs
60ml Agave syrup
A dash of Vanilla

  • Juice 400g of carrots, keep the pulp
  • Grate the other 400g in food processor
  • Grate lemon skin with fine grater
  • Put pulp, grated carrots, lemon rind and coconut together in a bowl
  • Add agave syrup, dates, cacao nibs and vanilla
  • Put everything back into food processor and mix well
  • Place in little metal molds to make tartlet shape
  • Optional: Top it up with cashew cream

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