This high calibre training is for you if you are interested in evolving yourself into a world class Tantra teacher! Are you looking for the best profession which is aligned with your true soul calling? You may be asking yourself, “Is it possible to have a professional life which is nurturing positive transformation for individuals, couples, communities and our planetary consciousness?” The answer is a resounding 'YES!'


The two - year Tantra Essence Teacher Training is the most in-depth and comprehensive professional training you can find available in this field. The training takes you on an experiential journey into Kundalini energy and the 7 chakras, supporting you to dive deeply into your own self - transformation. The chakra map is fundamental for embodying Tantra and for unfolding your own potential. The teaching is so rich in diversity that you will end up with a wide range of skills, all aimed at helping you to support others in evolving on the Tantra path. The training is designed in such a way that after experiencing the awakening and transformation of each chakra you will then be working in teams to present and teach what you have learned. You will be on a fast track for optimizing your skills! We offer you the added benefits of being filmed and receiving coaching and evaluation sessions from the teachers and their assistants. Our training format helps you excel in every aspect of facilitating.


This is a two-part training over a two years’ period.
  • Each part lasts one month (with one day off per week).
  • You will be required to practice a few series of meditation methods after each part of the training in order to accelerate your personal development.
  • A new training begins every two years.
  • At the completion of the training you receive a certificate.
  • The training is based on the Tantra Mastery Series of groups - an experiential journey through the chakra system.
  • By the end of the first year, you will have covered the 1st to 4th chakras.
  • By the end of the second year you will have covered the 5th to 7th chakras.
The foundation for this training is based on the transformational path of awakening our chakra system and kundalini energy. The training follows the flow of 7 groups whose aim is to awaken the ecstatic potential of each chakra. First you will immerse yourself in the group and afterwards, you will be supported in teaching this same group through teamwork and assigned tasks.

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