This 6 day Women’s Tantra Retreat is for discerning women who sense there is more to life than just to eat, drink and survive on a consumerist merry go round. You are a woman who wishes to:

  • Discover the secrets of your full pleasure potential
  • Find the key to living a life full of love in all dimensions of your being
  • Understand and experience the spiritual path for women
  • Experience how eros is linked to spiritual awakening

    Through the transformative, experiential journey of this retreat you are invited to embrace your true potential for embodied ecstasy. As an integral part of the group dynamics we offer methods such as:
  • Tantra active or silent meditations
  • How to use breath, movement and sound for optimal inner ecstasy states
  • Dance
  • Sacred Theatre
  • Informative sharing circles
  • Inspirational Discourses on the anatomy of pleasure for women,
  • Love as a spiritual path and how to commune with the divine in everyday life
  • Guided inner journeys into your essential nature, physically, emotionally and spiritually, discovering wholeness and bliss
  • Techniques for embodying and expressing feminine power
  • Giving and receiving conscious touch and massage methods
  • Learning about Tachyonized Pleasure products and how to use them
  • Discovering creative ways to express your true soul calling

    In this group we explore the following important dimensions of personal development for women:
    • - Discourses about the Anatomy of Pleasure for Women including the genital area, breasts and glandular system in the brain and how to use what you learn during self-pleasure or lovemaking
    • - Techniques utilising the senses as portals into pleasure and expansion of consciousness
    • - Learning about Tachyonized Pleasure products and how to use them
    • - Exploring the power of love to shower ones life with blessings
    • - Discovering the spiritual path for women as a natural flowering stemming from the fulfilment of our eroticism and our love.
    • - Evolving and empowering ourselves as women through Tantra methods
    • - Giving and receiving conscious touch and massage methods
    • - Experiencing how natural it is as a woman to open to inner ecstasy


    Our day begins with Yoga or an Active Meditation Technique

    This is followed by a sumptuous Brunch.

    Afterwards, we move into our theme for the day, exploring many varied techniques held in an ambience of safety, love and respect. Our intention is to draw out your fullest potential as a woman which we believe is already within you, waiting to be discovered. The techniques are all aimed at helping you to discover a life of wholeness, inner ecstasy and fulfilment.

    In the early afternoon, we will enjoy a snack break followed by time to unwind, rest and relax.

    We will then continue with our theme for the day in the group room, discovering our inner universe and all the varied ways we can activate our true potential.

    We will enjoy an early dinner and this will be followed by our amazing evening program which may include dance, or ritual or perhaps a nurturing massage exchange.

    In a similar way to how you will move on a pilgrimage, experiencing new sights, sounds and feelings as you journey towards your goal, the group dynamic is designed to help you move on an inner pilgrimage. Each step taken on this journey is an important aspect in the realisation of your wholeness. We highly encourage you to be total during this retreat, attending each and every group session.

    It is important when doing inner transformational work that our outer environment and habits support this. This Retreat uses Sattvic Principles, such as the intermittent fasting technique for optimum wellness and healthy vegan / vegetarian / non-gluten and no refined sugar food preparation. During our 6 days retreat you may be amazed and delighted how vibrant and healthy you will feel with these holistic health protocols in combination with the transformational methods taught in the course.


    Each part includes:

    • Experiential Tantra practices
    • Active and silent meditations
    • Healing exercises
    • Dance
    • Sharing structures
    • Massage, and
    • Rituals for personal transformation


    An example of our day is as follows:

    • 7:30am – Active meditation or yoga
      (This is not optional and is an important part of the process.)
    • 9:00am – Breakfast
    • 10:30am – Group room
    • 1:00pm – Lunch
    • 2:30pm – Group room
    • 4:00pm – Tea and snack
    • 6:00pm – Dinner
    • 7:30pm – Group room
    • 9:30pm – Group ends for the day

    *This schedule will vary depending on what is needed at any given time but in general this is what it will be.

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