This retreat is for you if you are:

  • A healthy and vibrant individual who is passionate about bringing positive transformation to your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Interested in Tantra, Eroticism, Yoga and Meditation and love the combination of these in one retreat.
  • Loving the idea of immersing yourself in physical pleasure, vibrant health and spiritual transformation for 7 days in the beauty of Bali, next to the sea
  • Wishing to learn from world class Teachers of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation.
  • Wishing to discover Tantra and Yoga as integral parts of one path leading towards spiritual enlightenment
  • Wishing to be with people of like mind, journeying together into self-love, loving others and loving the whole.
  • Desiring to experience Yoga as a spiritual discipline together with the pleasure of Kama Sutra and Tantra.


Discover the awakening of inner ecstasy. Unleash your potential for a well-toned, energy-filled, flexible body. Experience Spiritual Refinement and Wisdom. Learn new dimensions and possibilities for your sexual exploration Be inspired and allow your creative spark to be awakened. Learn from phenomenal Masters of Tantra and Yoga with decades of Teaching experience. You will meet others of like mind from all around the world. In the safe, conscious and loving milieu of our Kama Sutra Yoga Retreat, inspirational and nurturing friendships form naturally and easily. We discover our innate nature of connectivity and wisdom and simultaneously develop a whole new lifestyle for bringing positive transformation to our lives.  

This retreat offers you

  • Postures to enhance sexual stamina and pleasure potential.
  • Postures for creating hormonal balance linked to our pleasure potential
  • Prana Yama for healing past trauma and opening energy channels
  • Meditations from Yoga Sutra’s to boost confidence
  • Unique yoga postures for enjoying Kama Sutra Rituals in partnership
  • Partner Yoga (Acro Yoga)
  • Sensorial oriented Tantra Methods
  • The art of conscious touch and massage, including many varied styles of touch
  • Sacred theatre, Dance & Tantric Ritual
  • Tools for preventing physical and emotional strains during Yoga
  • Individual and partner methods
  • The practice of injury-free Yoga based on comfort, stability, correct alignment and bliss as defined by Yoga Sutras.
  • Traditional Yogic and Tantric Philosophy
  • Solo, partner and group meditations and activities.
  • Sharing structures with one person, in a small group and in the larger group.
  • Satsang; in a Question And Answer format

 Mystics of Ancient India have offered a uniquely wise counsel for living life to it’s fullest potential. All aspects of life were taught as refined art forms, offered within a balanced spirituality called ‘Sanatana Dharma.’—to ‘be in the flow of an Eternal Spirituality, aligned with one’s own unique soul calling.’

There are multitudes of ancient scriptures in India which describe in detail, how to evolve on the spiritual path, how to practice Yoga or Tantra, how to prepare and use medicine, construct a spaceship or an airplane, how to construct a Temple, how to worship, or how to find fulfilment as a householder.

Kama Sutra

One scripture, which has particularly grabbed the imagination of the world is the research done by a sage called Vatsayana, who compiled an incredibly detailed book on sexology entitled ‘Kama Sutra.’ Kama is the name of the God of Love and Sex. Sutra means a short, condensed spiritual teaching which indicates methods for attaining a particular quality of fulfilment in one’s life.

Reading the Kama Sutra we can enjoy a peek into a Golden Age, where very creative sexual positions and ways of attaining exalted pleasure states were explored in-depth. It is obvious from looking at the book’s illustrations, that the people of those days were very proficient in Yoga and enjoyed applying their skill to the erotic arts.

In Tantra, we explore many facets of life through consciousness expanding methods of Meditation. We may choose to move through the portal of the senses or emotions, chakra system, elements, kundalini energy, the exploration of opposite polarities, refined states of consciousness or creative expression, etc.

Some Tantra methods are practiced alone, some with a partner of the opposite gender and some, (for example, rituals or dance) in the wider group.

By practicing Tantra meditations, our own innate wisdom bubbles up from within. We discover a state of being which can be understood as ‘Sat Chit Ananda,’ (truth, consciousness & bliss.)

Yoga means union. The greatest union is between body, mind and spirit. In Yoga, students learn to attain the state of ‘Samadhi’ by aligning the body with higher consciousness. To this aim, the body is toned, purified and cleansed from within, through physical and mental stamina building exercise, a pure diet, breathing techniques, mantra chanting, and includes guidance into ever deepening states of bliss and relaxation.

When we weave together the pleasure potential exhibited by Kama Sutra, with Yoga and Tantra, we find ourselves on an incredible magic carpet ride, living in a sustained state of inner ecstasy.

This 7-day Kama Sutra Yoga Retreat is being offered as a collaboration between Yog Namito, a world renowned Yoga Master who is well versed in Sanskrit and Ma Ananda Sarita, a world renowned Tantra and Meditation Master. Both teachers are in the spiritual linage of Osho.

This Retreat is open for both Couples and Individuals.


Each part includes:

  • Experiential Tantra practices
  • Active and silent meditations
  • Healing exercises
  • Yoga & Pranayama
  • Dance
  • Sharing structures
  • Massage, and
  • Rituals for personal transformation


An example of our day is as follows:

  • 8:00 am – Active meditation or Yoga, Pranayama
    (This is not optional and is an important part of the process.)
  • 9:30am – Breakfast
  • 10:30am – Group room
  • 1:00pm – Lunch
  • 2:30pm – Group room
  • 4:00pm – Tea and snack
  • 6:00pm – Dinner
  • 7:30pm – Group room
  • 9:30pm – Group ends for the day

*This schedule will vary depending on what is needed at any given time but in general this is what it will be.

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