• Couples who would like to understand the Tantra approach to intimacy and eroticism and how to experience deepest fulfilment with your partner
  • Couples who have challenges around intimacy and sexuality and would like to discover harmony and healing
  • Couples who would like to bring more spice to your intimacy
  • Couples who are newly together and want to discover the best possible direction to nurture your love relationship
  • Couples who have been together for years and wish to discover a new honeymoon
  • Couples who are inspired to take your love and relating to the next level


  • You will be empowered through a profound understanding of how to approach the masculine or the feminine for intimacy and union
  • You will be guided through the Spiral To Heaven process, a life - transforming turning point on your journey to intimacy and fulfilment
  • You will be given keys for how to apply Tantra meditation methods to intimacy, love and relating
  • You will spend quality time practicing Tantra Methods with your beloved in the privacy of your bedroom thereby enriching your couple immeasurably
  • You will be guided through exquisite rituals to uplift and nurture body, mind and soul connection
  • You will learn and practice emotional fluidity
  • You will be guided into opening and healing of the chakra system


  • Understand better how males and females function, sensually and emotionally
  • Understand the differences in the male and female brain and sexual anatomy
  • Learn techniques how a man can last longer during intimate union
  • Learn Tantra methods for practicing with your beloved in the bedroom
  • Learn techniques for full body ecstasy states
  • Experience the art of maximizing erotic potential
  • Learn different methods of touch for optimum pleasure
  • Heal woman's and man’s sexual dysfunctions
  • Learn to integrate sexuality, love and spirituality
  • Experience the art and science of ritual for couples
  • Emotional release techniques
  • Opening and healing of the chakra system

The Master Lover process teaches you how to unleash your ecstatic energy and expand your consciousness, finding deepest fulfilment in being a man or a woman and in relationship.

The retreat space is decorated as a sacred space with each couple on their own ‘temple.’ You will be primarily working with your partner with some group sharing and group interaction, which helps nurture greater understanding in regards to relationship dynamics. When it is time to do Tantra practices in intimacy you will be invited to go to the privacy of your bedroom.


Some of the topics and techniques covered include

  • Man’s and woman’s erotic fulfilment
  • Power point presentation on the anatomy of pleasure for men and women
  • Tantra meditation as an evolution of consciousness
  • How to apply Tantra methodology in relationship
  • Esoteric and erotic Tantra practices in your bedroom with your partner
  • Men’s work
  • Women’s work
  • Partner and group sharing
  • Emotional release and breath methods
  • Dance
  • Playful interactive group structures
  • Tantra massage
  • Tantric ritual


An example of our day is as follows

  • 7:30am – Active meditation or yoga
    (This is not optional and is an important part of the process.)
  • 9:30am – Breakfast
  • 10:30am – Group room
  • 1:00pm – Lunch
  • 2:30pm – Group room
  • 4:00pm – Tea and snack
  • 6:00pm – Dinner
  • 7:30pm – Group room
  • 09:30pm – Group ends for the day

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