Who is this course for?

This Tantra Retreat is for couples who:

  •  would like to take their relationship to the next level through esoteric Tantra practices.
  • would like to heal their relationship dynamic
  • would like to awaken honeymoon hormones again
  •   want to discover the possibility of ‘rising in love’
  • would like to understand how sexuality, love and spirituality can merge
  • Would like to understand the opposite and yet complimentary natures of men and women
  • Would like to experience full body energy activation

 Osho’s Teachings on ‘Rising In Love’

The Ocean Of Bliss Couples Retreat is based on Osho’s esoteric teachings on Tantric sexual union. A wide range of his discourses and suggestions on this topic have been condensed into this powerful, life transforming journey to the very heart of Tantra, Love and Relationship. Love and intimacy is a rich ground for the flowers of Tantra to blossom. Through Tantra, we can easily access our full potential for union of opposites, Godliness and Bliss. Over his many years of discourses and guidance into the heart and soul of Tantra, Osho has offered ‘Master Keys’ explicitly for couples to unite in love. During this retreat, we will be unveiling these exquisite teachings and offering the space for each couple to go to the privacy of their bedroom to experiment with Osho’s divine transmission.

What will you get out of this course?

Understand better how male and female function, erotically and emotionally
  • The differences in the male and female brain
  •  Learn how a man can last longer during intimate union
  •  Learn full body ecstasy states
  •  The art of maximizing erotic potential
  • Learn different methods of touch for optimum pleasure
  •  Learn to integrate sexuality, love and spirituality
  • The art and science of Ritual for couples
  • Emotional release techniques and how this heals and empowers the couple dynamic
  • Opening the chakra system
You will spend quality time practicing Tantra Methods with your beloved in the privacy of your bedroom thereby enriching your couple immeasurably

A Sacred Space For Tantra Practices

The retreat seminar room is decorated as a sacred space with each couple on their own ‘temple.’ You will be primarily working with your partner with some group sharing and group interaction which helps nurture greater understanding in regards to relationship dynamics. When it is time to do Tantra practices in intimacy you will be invited to go to the privacy of your bedroom.

Osho says:

“While making love, three things have to be remembered:

One is: before you make love, meditate.

–The second thing is: when you are making love, before you start, worship the partner and let the partner worship you.

–Then in the third step, you make love…”

This retreat is a rare opportunity to be immersed in the blessings of Osho’s teachings on Tantra as a direct transmission, through his beloved disciple Sarita and her co-teacher, Dharmaraj.

You and your Beloved are welcome to come and melt together into this sublime ‘sex to superconsciousness’ experience.


Each part includes:

  • Breath work
  • Movement & dance 
  • Active and silent Meditations 
  • Osho quotes on the subject of Tantra in intimacy. 
  • How to apply Tantra methodology in relationship 
  • Esoteric and erotic Tantra practices in your bedroom with your partner
  • Men’s work
  • Women’s work
  • Partner and group sharing
  • Emotional release and breath methods
  • Playful interactive group structures
  • Tantra Massage 
  • Tantric Ritual


An example of our day is as follows:

  • 8:00am group meditation session
  • 9:30am Brunch
  • 11:00am Group session
  • 1:00pm Snack, nap or swim
  • 3:00pm group session
  • 5:00pm Dinner
  • 6:30pm: Tantra Practices in your bedroom with your beloved
  • 9:00pm end for the day

*This schedule will vary depending on what is needed at any given time but in general this is what it will be.

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