Tantra Essence Teacher Training


This high calibre training is for you if you are interested in evolving yourself into a world class Tantra teacher! Are you looking for the best profession which is aligned with your true soul calling? You may be asking yourself, “Is it possible to have a professional life which is nurturing positive transformation for individuals, couples, communities and our planetary consciousness?” The answer is a resounding 'YES!' We offer you the opportunity in our Tantra Teacher Training to transform yourself on all levels and at the same time, learn how to facilitate such transformation in others. The journey is intense, profound and revelatory in its depth and breadth! You will be discovering a harmonious union of your inner male / inner female aspects, awakening of your chakra system and inner ecstasy through the raising of kundalini energy. You will meet others of like mind from all around the world. In the safe, conscious and loving milieu of our Tantra Teacher Training, inspirational and nurturing friendships form naturally and easily. We discover our innate nature of connectivity and wisdom and simultaneously develop a whole new skill set for bringing positive transformation to the world. It is important for the well-being of people everywhere that quality Tantra spreads to as many places as possible!


The two - year Tantra Essence Teacher Training is the most in-depth and comprehensive professional training you can find available in this field. The training takes you on an experiential journey into Kundalini energy and the 7 chakras, supporting you to dive deeply into your own self - transformation. The chakra map is fundamental for embodying Tantra and for unfolding your own potential. The teaching is so rich in diversity that you will end up with a wide range of skills, all aimed at helping you to support others in evolving on the Tantra path. The training is designed in such a way that after experiencing the awakening and transformation of each chakra you will then be working in teams to present and teach what you have learned. You will be on a fast track for optimizing your skills! We offer you the added benefits of being filmed and receiving coaching and evaluation sessions from the teachers and their assistants. Our training format helps you excel in every aspect of facilitating.


This is a two-part training over a two years’ period.
  • Each part lasts one month (with one day off per week).
  • You will be required to practice a few series of meditation methods after each part of the training in order to accelerate your personal development.
  • A new training begins every two years.
  • At the completion of the training you receive a certificate.
  • The training is based on the Tantra Mastery Series of groups - an experiential journey through the chakra system.
  • By the end of the first year, you will have covered the 1st to 4th chakras.
  • By the end of the second year you will have covered the 5th to 7th chakras.
The foundation for this training is based on the transformational path of awakening our chakra system and kundalini energy. The training follows the flow of 7 groups whose aim is to awaken the ecstatic potential of each chakra. First you will immerse yourself in the group and afterwards, you will be supported in teaching this same group through teamwork and assigned tasks.
By working with and opening up the chakra system, we are in a sense cleaning our pipeline to source and opening up to abundance on all levels.


The 7 main chakras are energy centres all along the central channel from the pelvic floor to the crown of the head. Each chakra contains a potent life lesson which is represented through colour, sound and vibration. Below is a description of the chakras and the evolutionary path we will be travelling in this series.

Sahasrara: Crown of the Head. Colour is Violet, merging into white light. Life Lesson: Moving into universal consciousness, beyond duality, becoming one with all that is, orgasm with the universe. Element: Universal Energy

Ajna: Forehead, between the eyebrows. Colour is Indigo Blue. Life Lesson: Expanding intuition, clairvoyant vision, surrendering of the ego to the wisdom of the soul. Element: Etheric Realms

Vishuddha: Throat. Colour is Turquoise. Life Lesson: Becoming a Co-creator with God, expression of your soul calling through creativity, learning to speak from a place of truth. Element: Ether

Anahata: Center of Chest (Heart Chakra). Colour is Green or Rose. Life Lesson: Love, nurturing and compassion, opening into oneness with the universal heart. Element: Air

Manipura: Solar Plexus. Colour is Yellow. Life Lesson: Becoming vast enough to contain the contradictions posed by life, which automatically gives rise to genius. Where two contradictions meet is the ultimate truth. In the third chakra, we are also challenged to throw off conditioned belief given by others and to discover our individual soul calling. Element: Fire

Svadisthana: Lower Belly. Colour is Orange. Life Lesson: Birth and death and learning fluidity in all the emotions which arise between these two polarities. Element: Water

Muladhara: Sex Center, encompassing the whole pelvic area. Colour is Red. Life Lesson: Survival instinct, procreation, animalistic tendencies, sexuality and orgasmic ecstasy. Element: Earth

It is important to open the full spectrum of who we are, including our sexuality and emotions, otherwise we are bound to get into stagnation and cannot realize our full potential. When the chakra system is open, the subtle energy channel, which runs through the body from crown to sex center and down to the feet, becomes fully receptive to the descent of grace. In this way, each moment of life becomes a blessing.

Opening ourselves to learn the lessons posed by each chakra through the practice of Tantric methods, we become vibrantly alive and wise. When we are living the potency of all chakras simultaneously, we are in deepest fulfilment. This quality then spreads like a perfume, inspiring others to awaken their potential. Perhaps this is why there are so many refined aspects of the scent of roses. The rose, having awakened its potential, releases its scent, thereby inspiring other roses to develop even more exquisite perfume. The perfume of a fully activated chakra system, inspires an evolution of consciousness.

It is common to hear people wishing they had more of something in their life, whether that be money, or love, or creative ability. In actual fact, grace is showering on us continuously, but because we may have one or more chakras in stagnation, we are not able to anchor grace all the way through us. As the descent of grace pours down, and finds the channel is not receptive, it gets sent back to source. This is why there is a sense of lack. By working with and opening up the chakra system, we are in a sense cleaning our pipeline to source and opening up to abundance on all levels.


After receiving your certificate of completion of the training:

  • You are invited to continue practicing any series of meditations from the curriculum not completed yet, thus supporting you to continue evolving on your Tantra path.
  • You have the choice of teaching the Tantra Mastery Series of groups and or teaching your own self-designed groups inspired by what you have learned in the training.
  • With an (prerequisite) interview and signed agreement with Sarita and Tantra Essence, you may have the possibility of joining the Tantra Essence Kaula Team of teachers, thereby being part of an already established and world – renowned platform.
  • If you are a member of the Kaula Team, you can receive free coaching sessions from Sarita or another lead faculty member of Tantra Essence in regards to any questions you may have about designing groups and teaching.
  • If you are branching out to teach on your own, you can receive paid coaching sessions from Sarita or a Lead Faculty member.
  • If you are part of the Kaula team, you will more likely be invited to teach at festivals or groups organised by or affiliated with Tantra Essence.
  • As a Tantra Essence graduate and if your work is aligned with our ethical standards, you will be welcome to create reciprocal links with Tantra Essence.

In order to be granted entry to the Teacher Training you will need to fill out our in-depth questionnaire which will be read and evaluated by Sarita and her co-teacher of the training.

We are accepting people who have already done extensive personal development work on themselves, including meditation. You will be required to have already attended a minimum of 2 longer Tantra groups with experienced teachers.

If we see that you are ready for the Teacher Training we will send you a letter of acceptance. In some cases we will ask you to fulfil certain requirements before acceptance. In some other cases, we may request to have an interview with you before acceptance. It is recommended that you begin your application process the earlier the better in order to avoid disappointment.


As an integral part of this training, you will be learning experientially:

  • The creation and holding of sacred space.
  • Theory and practice of Tantra meditation methods.
  • Methods for emotional release.
  • Dance and party therapy skills.
  • How to create sacred theatre.
  • Musical discernment and DJ skills.
  • Tantra history and Tantra as an embodied path to enlightenment.
  • The evolution of consciousness held as a template within the chakra system.
  • Presenting yourself on camera.
  • Inspirational discourses.
  • The science and guiding of sacred rituals.
  • Seven massage methods for the 7 chakras.
  • Sensorial awakening skills.
  • Hypnosis for healing methods.
  • How to create a magical and loving ambience for maximum transformation.
  • How to hold sharing sessions.
  • How to offer support and guidance for students.
  • Men’s work / Women’s work.
  • How to weave opposite polarities together in service of unity consciousness.
  • How to launch yourself as a Tantra teacher in the world.


Active or Silent Meditation

  • 7:00am – Optional yoga or movement practice
  • 8:00am – Active meditation or yoga
    (This is not optional and is an important part of the process.)
  • 9:30am – Breakfast
  • 11:00am – Group room
  • 1:00pm – Snack Break
  • 3:00pm – Group room
  • 5:00pm – Dinner
  • 6:30pm – Group room
  • 9:00pm – Group ends for the day

*This schedule will vary depending on what is needed at any given time but in general this is what it will be.

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