This one - month professional training in the art of Tantra massage is for singles and couples who love massage, for those who would like to become professional in giving Tantra massage and for massage professionals who would love to add Tantra massage skills to their array of professional massage techniques.


In this training you will give and receive four unique techniques of Tantra massage in a highly professional setting. Your ability to give massage is catapulted to a whole new level of refinement and mastery. In addition to this you will be immersed in a transformative Tantra ambience, receiving ongoing transmission on Tantra as a spiritual path. The ancient and modern massage techniques you will learn are:
  • Taoist Tantra Massage
  • Kashmiri Tantra Massage
  • Inner Alchemy Tantra Massage
  • Lasya Tantra Massage


Week One, we focus on Taoist Tantra Massage, an ancient technique designed to align your inner-male(yang) and inner-female (yin) leading to refined inner harmony in all levels of your being.

Week Two, we focus on the ancient technique of Kashmiri Tantra Massage, healing, opening and bringing into integration, your inner child and mature adult, releasing and bringing harmony to karmic patterns and discovering the amazing synchronisation of power and vulnerability.

Week Three, we delve into a contemporary technique of Inner Alchemy Massage. With refinement and grace you are invited to discover your capacity for inner ecstasy in a held, safe and sensitive container.

Week Four, we explore Lasya Massage, an exquisite transmission of a contemporary method, which honours ancient teachings on Tantra. In this method, you are invited to step beyond time and mind, into an infinity where movement and massage melt into ecstatic unity.

Week Four also explores in depth, refinements on each of the massage methods and teachings on how to launch yourself in the world as a world class Tantra Massage Therapist.

There is one day off each week, supporting the integration of all you will be learning.


After receiving your certificate of completion of the training

  • For professional recognition as a massage therapist, in some countries, you may need to do a certificate course in basic anatomy and physiology, which can be completed live or online.
  • You are invited to continue practicing the massages you have learned, thus supporting you to continue evolving as an ethical Tantra massage therapist.
  • We recommend that you offer the massages you have learned as a series of 10 sessions (package) to your clients.
  • We recommend that you only begin charging full price for your sessions after completing 20 times giving each of the massages.
  • We recommend that you continue exchanging Tantra massage sessions with peers.
  • You can receive coaching sessions from Sarita or another Lead Faculty member of Tantra Essence in regards to any questions you may have about your massage technique or questions you may have about clients. If you need a long coaching session this will be charged as a paid session. If you have a simple question or series of questions there will be no charge.
  • As a graduate of a Tantra Essence Practitioner Training you are automatically affiliated with our gold standard of ethics and quality. This in itself will support you in working with clients and publicity of your work.
  • If we come to know that you are actively involved in giving The Tantra massages you have learned in the training, we will happily recommend clients to you.


Woven through the transmission of the four main methods of Tantra Massage we also offer

  • Tantra meditations (silent or active, alone or in partnership)
  • Sharing (with one or more people and in the group as a whole)
  • Dance
  • Emotional release
  • Yoga
  • Men’s work
  • Women’s work
  • Tantra rituals
  • Fun, playful interactive structures
  • The art of conscious touch
  • Professional coaching on how to establish yourself as a Tantra massage therapist


An example of our day is as follows

  • 7:30am – Active meditation or yoga(This is not optional and is an important part of the process.)
  • 9:00am – Breakfast
  • 10:30am – Group room
  • 1:00pm – Lunch
  • 2:30pm – Group room
  • 4:30pm – Beach time / Free time
  • 6:30pm – Dinner
  • 8:00pm – Group room
  • 9:30pm – Group ends for the day

*This schedule will vary depending on what is needed at any given time but in general this is what it will be.

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