About the course

You will receive a Tachyonized Vortex crystal pendant as an integral part of the course and learn techniques on how to use it for your own personal evolution of consciousness. The Pendant is powerfully life transforming and accelerates human potential so much that it is essential to learn methods for how to work with it for your own personal evolution of consciousness. David Wagner created this course to ensure we get the maximum benefits from wearing the pendant. The Level 1 pendant opens and keeps a vertical flow of energy moving through the entire chakra system. If there is anything within that is not in tune with source, this will come up in the form of a 'bifurcation' and the techniques you will learn during the course will help to release this easily and naturally. After mastering this which takes usually between 6 months to one year, then it is possible to do the Level 2 (the Level 2 works on opening and maintaining our auric field in alignment with Source).

This course is for you if you:

  • - Feel an inner call towards and strong resonance with, the Tachyon Vertical Reality level 1 vortex pendent
  • - Are interested in greatly accelerating your expansion of consciousness
  • - Wish to find easy to use methods for dissolving the roots of the egoic mind and ways to open to universal consciousness.
  • - Would like to experience healing and harmony on all levels
  • - Are passionate about learning from a high calibre Teacher.
  • - Are wondering how the integration of body, mind, emotions and soul can be achieved
  • - Would like to find easy to practice methods with positive results for inner harmony

What are the Benefits? What you will receive from this Course?

  • -Enter into a state of grace and vertical alignment.
  • -Heal the fragmented psychological and emotional wounds of your past.
  • -Learn to experience loving awareness in each moment.
  • -Practice conscious communication in relating.
  • -Enhance your vitality and health.
  • -Expand your capacity for creativity and abundance.
  • -Embrace the vertical moment and integrate this state into your daily life.
  • -Reconnect and become one with nature and discover psychic attunement.
  • -Experience loving awareness in each moment.
  • -Embrace the vertical moment and integrate this state into your daily life.
  • -Heal the planet just by being on it.
  • -Solve forever the need to protect yourself from the very world you are a part of.
  • -How to train your ego to become the servant of your soul rather than seizing control of your life.
  • -Unify fragmented energy structures in your body / mind.
  • -Understand secrets of spiritual liberation.
Techniques Covered:
* Mastering the art of wearing the powerful Vertical Reality Pendent which includes flipping of a warped chakra system to be vertically aligned, ie aligned with source
* Opening your centra channel and through this, anchoring divine abundance in and through your physical and energetic system
*Launching Technique (one of the most important tools you will ever find for spiritual evolution)
*Entrainment with nature
*Assist technique (for opening a vertical flow in a friend or client)
*De-illusion Technique (for unlocking stagnant patterns in your energetic system and helping energy to flow again / for healing stuck patterns in relation to others
*Dissolving Pain Technique (a powerful method to dissolve painful emotional / psychological knots from past or present)
*Whole Listening (a very effective conflict resolution technique) 

Testimonials about Tachyon Vertical Reality level 1

“I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you. The course was beyond the most beautiful expectations I could ever imagine to have. Now I feel I am really on the path. Thank you for bringing light on this planet. Thank you for having stepped into your truth and having brought Tachyon to our reality. Thank you for being a channel and taking action for real peace, the peace that comes from within.” – Amitabha

“I cannot thank you enough, David and the universe to send your teaching in my life in a time of extreme need. I knew simplicity is powerful but didn’t have an idea of it’s true power. I am going to imbibe this method of Vertical Reality to change my life for good and to help others live their life experience. Thank you so much!” – Sadhana.

“This course and Tachyon has been such an amazing experience. It’s exactly what I have been searching for in the field of energy. Truly beyond words! Thank you so much for the next level of this human experience!”

– Aaron

“This spiritual upgrade was so necessary for my soul. I feel more connected to my greater purpose. Your vision is so empowering, so uplifting and carries so many seeds of awakening for humanity.” – Aurika

“This changed my life! Thank you.” – Modest


Each part includes:

  • Breath work
  • Movement & dance 
  • Active and silent Meditations 
  • Osho quotes on the subject of Tantra in intimacy. 
  • How to apply Tantra methodology in relationship 
  • Esoteric and erotic Tantra practices in your bedroom with your partner
  • Men’s work
  • Women’s work
  • Partner and group sharing
  • Emotional release and breath methods
  • Playful interactive group structures
  • Tantra Massage 
  • Tantric Ritual


An example of our day is as follows:

  • 8:00am group meditation session
  • 9:30am Brunch
  • 11:00am Group session
  • 1:00pm Snack, nap or swim
  • 3:00pm group session
  • 5:00pm Dinner
  • 6:30pm: Tantra Practices in your bedroom with your beloved
  • 9:00pm end for the day

*This schedule will vary depending on what is needed at any given time but in general this is what it will be.

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