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The phenomenon of the soul mate is a timely subject, as at the time of writing, I am facilitating the couples level 1 of the Soul Mate Tantra Training, together with Chintan. We are at the Chateau Bellevue in France. Spring is beginning to show its face and the soft morning sun is very welcome. We have participants from France, Romania, India and Austria with us and are teaching in both French and English. It is very touching to see and experience couples beginning this journey. It is the journey of rising in love, and as we begin this path, there may be a certain amount of density to overcome before love finds its way to heal and transform the relationship.

Couple on the Soul Mate training

Some couples have been together for 20 or 30 years and are hoping to bring the spark back into their sexual life, while others are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship and want to enhance the element of the sacred in their union. Others may be suffering from sexual dysfunction, and are hoping that Tantra can provide a way to find sexual fulfilment. Whatever the reason is for coming to Tantra, it is a good reason. Each aspect of love and relating can become a portal into deep meditation. I have been teaching the soul mate training for the past 16 years, and am ever fascinated by the many facets in the diamond of relationship. It is my great joy to polish this diamond to its ultimate brilliance.
Couples searching for the soul mate with Sarita

Down the ages, people have been in search of their soul mate. The general idea is, that each person has a counterpart of the opposite sex who is made as an exact fit to them and that if only one can find that exact complementary match, then they can live happily ever after. The problem arises, how to find that one person made to fit, among all the millions of people in the world? Some people have multiple partners, searching always for the one in the many. Others settle down with one who is half fitting, deciding for compromise in the form of security. Whatever path is chosen, the longing for one’s true other half goes on burning inside, like a flame that never goes out, deep within the innermost heart. Who is this famed soul mate, and does he or she really exist?
I will share my vision on this subject, born out of my deeply lived experience. We are made of frequencies which resonate in a certain bandwidth, according to our level of consciousness. We attract persons who resonate within our wavelength. If our consciousness expands, those people we were resonating with may move off our radar, while new persons may appear who are in alignment with who we have become in our new level of consciousness. In other words, we may have the experience of one or more deep loves in one lifetime, depending on how much our consciousness shifts and transforms and whether our partner or partners shift and transform in the same way or not.
The ecstasy of the chakras meeting

Another aspect of the soul mate experience which is important to understand is the role played by the chakra system. If you meet someone in orgasmic union in the level of the sex centre, you will have a physically ecstatic experience. If you meet a person in both sex and heart chakras, your quantity of ecstasy is magnified. If you also meet this person at the throat centre, you will experience mind-blowing ecstasy which transcends the ego. The phenomenon of the soul mate is experienced when you meet a lover in all seven chakras.
Tantra is a science which supports us in cleansing, healing and opening up the chakra system to such a degree that we become open conduits for the descent of divine energy in our lives. When a man and woman meditate together, opening up their chakra system and merging all seven chakras in sexual union, this becomes a catalyst for the experience of the soul mate. In this sense, the phenomenon of the soul mate is actually a very refined tuning of the human instrument, bringing male and female bodies and souls in tune and playing therein the exquisite music of life.
Tuned to Tantra

It is in a sense irrelevant whether this fine tuning lasts for one hour, one month, 10 years or a lifetime with the same partner. What is important is, that such an experience has happened and has brought deep fulfilment to body and soul. Even one moment of such deep fulfilment lives eternally within us. Each one of us is an instrument, waiting for the right tuning, and for other instruments to play with in the orchestra of life. When we meditate alone, we tune our own instrument to be in harmony with source. When we meditate in the couple, we tune this coupling to source. This tuning is the science of Tantra. What a wonderful adventure it is! It takes skill, courage, discipline, razor sharp awareness and wild love to follow such a path. I am in awe of the bravery of those who participate in the seven levels of the Soul Mate Training. They are the true heroes of this world.
If you consider the state of our world, it is easy to see that there is something warped in human relations. The first relationship is of course with oneself. If I have learned to love myself, I am then ready to love another. And if I can love another, then I will be ready to love the whole. In this sense, working through the science of Tantra as a couple, is a great practice which is a prerequisite for the creation of a harmonious world. I hope more and more couples find their way to the Tantra path, not only for bringing deep fulfilment to their relationship, but for the survival of our planet. It is inconceivable that a couple who know the ecstasy of being soul mates will have even the slightest inclination to throw bombs, unless of course there is such a thing as a love bomb!
Love Sarita

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