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From persecution to power games to the true potential of womanhood – Sarita talks about the journey of the Goddess from ancient times to now, and how vital it is to welcome her back to the world.
The Goddess is back. She was banished to the netherworld for the past 2000 years or so, but now she is emerging again into our planetary consciousness in myriad ways. The presence of her power and beauty will give birth a harmonious world.

Expressing female bliss

Who is she and how will we recognize her? Ahh, there is the nub….for she is all women. When a woman unveils herself all the way to her essential nature, she is revealed as the Goddess. I have witnessed this unveiling process many times in women’s groups. Slowly and lovingly, we peel away what each woman is not. There may be layers of conditioning, or beliefs she has inherited from her ancestors about what a woman should be. However, a woman is not what she ‘should be’ but can only be what she truly is.
One of the primary ways in which women are held in the thrall of ignorance and suffering is around the subject of sexuality. She grows up believing that she ‘should be’ more like men, in the workplace and in bed. To this end, she flattens her naturally rounded belly, stifles her natural inclination for inner and outer beauty, puts a corset on her loving nature, and goes into the competitive worldly game of ‘take what you can while you can.’
This affects her sexuality and makes her less attractive to men, because instead of being receptive, she becomes aggressive. The man may enter her yoni, but he will not feel received by her.  Sex will feel more like competition than a harmonious, ecstatic merging, of body, mind and soul.
She remains unaware that she contains the whole universal blueprint in her belly, or that her clitoris and clitorial network, contains 3000 nerve endings devoted only to pleasure.  No one has told her that she can have many types of orgasm, single, multiple, chain, and whole body orgasms into her 90s and beyond.
She doesn’t know that there is more than one brain in the human body, and that the brain of the heart is in direct alignment with source. Being a woman, she is profoundly connected to her heart centre and her life seeks to unfold according to the dictates of a devotional heart rather than the logical mind.
Opening the psychic gift

She doesn’t know, that she is naturally intuitive, capable of knowing what a person is thinking just by seeing his or her face. Her brain contains the hardware to jump to an intuitive conclusion, or inner knowing, bypassing logical step-by-step thinking processes. She may never guess, that she is capable of giving birth to a new world, based on love and compassion.
Yes, beloved woman, your power is awesome to behold. If only you knew how to unleash it….
There is fear in the feminine psyche, due to centuries of persecution. The female ancestral line has been twisted and corrupted almost to the point of oblivion. She has been burned as a witch, told she is hysterical if she has sexual urges, been blamed as sinful for being a woman, been condemned in myriad ways because she has hormonal changes, been raped, beaten, and treated as the ‘weaker sex’ for too long.
The problem is, that when women rebelled against this slavery, they did it in a warped way. The general belief in the woman’s liberation movement has been, “men have a better deal in life, so we will copy men, compete with them, and do what they do in a better way.”
What follows is; SUPERWOMAN. She has education, votes, has babies and raises them, has a job, cleans the house, cooks the meals, does the shopping, fixes the car, uses a vibrator, and walks the dog. Stress is her second name.
As there has been a lack of information on what a woman’s potential is, women don’t realize that in order to be happy, she needs to tap into feminine power rather than masculine types of power. She needs to discover the power of yin, rather than try to force herself to be yang.
Yin is fluid like water, soft, yielding, moving, changeable, flowing. Water can be placid and calm, or wild and unpredictable. A woman’s power is like water. Just imagine how powerful a river, waterfall or ocean is, how serene and beautiful a lake is, or how cheerful is a bubbling brook. A woman is all of this and more. She is tuned to the frequency of the heart. And the heart is most powerful of all because it is love incarnate. We have all heard the phrase, Love is God, or God is Love. In the case of woman, Love is Goddess!
Uncover who you really are as woman, and you will find the Goddess hiding inside of you. She has been there all along, but perhaps you did not recognize her.
These days, all over the world, women are getting together and bonding. There are more and more women’s groups and goddess workshops. This is a very healthy trend.
Power of the Cretian snake goddess from ancient times

In the past, there have been communities of women who actually stopped war from happening through a very simple action. Women from two warring tribes got together and formed a clever plan to stop losing their sons and husbands to a senseless feud. They did not allow their men to have sex with them as long as the men continued to perpetuate the war. A peace treaty was drawn up and agreed on in just one week. This action by women has been recorded twice in history! Women, stop and consider for a moment how much power you hold. By getting together, and bonding, you can stop war.
By getting together, sharing information and learning, you can change the whole educational system, the food industry, health and healing, environment, birthing practices, child raising, in short, the whole world!
And best of all, you can create a lifestyle, based on love, beauty, pleasure, joy and celebration. This earthly life can be a paradise birthed into being through your wise loving choices. Yes, the Goddess is coming back, and none too soon.
We need you, beloved Goddess. The world needs you. Men are thirsty and crying out to be nurtured from your nectar filled breasts.  You are the initiatress, who will gently reawaken the divine masculine. He is a wanderer in the wilderness of his lonely mind, longing to come back home to harmony and wholeness. Oh woman, oh Goddess, we need you to light the way. Remember your sacred calling. Remember you are a healer. Remember you keep the home fire burning. Remember you are love.
Love Sarita
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