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Sarita's Pearls of Wisdom

Here’s some top tips from Sarita for living a joyful, ecstatic life: from loving the body to loving yourself and living in communion with life.
“Love your body; it is through your body you reach the divine.” Upon hearing these words from my spiritual master, Osho, my life took a 180 degree turn, from renunciation to Tantra. By following the wisdom in this short phrase, I have discovered ‘Heaven on Earth’.
“‘Sex and Samadhi are one.” These words contain the nectar of the absolute. I have searched like a bee, moving from flower to flower on various spiritual paths, and have found that this Tantra phrase reveals the naked truth. Don’t just think about it; live this potent transmission.
“You are the one you have been searching for”. Human beings search for that special beloved, bringing ever-deepening fulfilment. As we dive into relationships, we discover, the outer lover mirrors our inner male or female. Union of our inner male female brings the supreme blessing.
“Let Go!” Once, someone asked Osho, “If you could give the essence of all spiritual teachings in one or two words, what would it be?” He answered, “Let Go!” By diving into this experience as deeply as possible, we find ourselves in the heart of God.
“Live in gratitude”. Melt into communion with the very essence of life. You are made for celebration. Gratitude is, to be so full of love, aliveness, and bliss, that the only possible expression is to dance, cry, laugh, being totally in embrace with each divine moment of this gift called life.
“This very place, the Lotus Paradise, this very body, the Buddha.” This saying, from Zen Master Hakuin’s Interpretation of the Heart Sutra, reveals our true purpose on earth – to receive the blessing of spirit within the density of matter. Our ‘school-work’ is complete when we are able to live this teaching.
“An ever bubbling spring wells up from deep earth, love flows eternally, refreshing all who kneel down and drink”. There is always love, life and energy available to us from the earth, we only have to attune ourselves to it. If you are feeling exhausted and worn out, take a walk in nature and let yourself be refreshed by Mother Earth.
“Follow the expanding heart”. A general rule of life is: if your heart feels like it is expanding and growing wings, then you are on the right track. If your heart feels like it is shrinking and in a state of protection, then you are on the wrong track. This simple criterion will help you to find the best direction, in work, in relationships, and in choosing a spiritual path.
“All is one in the light of love.” This phrase has immense power to transform poison into nectar. By offering any incomplete issues we may be carrying to the light of Love, these will automatically be transmuted into wholeness. Love is the matrix that holds the whole universe together.
“Follow your bliss”. Happiness and ecstasy both are ephemeral, coming and going on a regular basis. Bliss is eternal. When we follow bliss, we are on the correct path in life. Where is bliss calling you now? Trust, and go with it and you will know a life of fulfilment.
“Loving is receiving”. To love, first we need to receive love. A fountain fills to the brim with water, then overflows. All we need to do is to open ourselves to receiving the continuous flow of love, which is omnipresent in the universe, becoming a conduit for love’s overflow.

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