Sex, Love and Abundance: Finding Fulfilment

Join world-renowned Tantra teacher Mahasatvaa Sarita at her first workshop in Bristol for 5 years! Spend a day discovering how you can use the power of sexual energy and the force of love to create the life you want.


New one day event with Sarita
31 August 2013
DMAC Studio 2, Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft, Bristol
This workshop aims to draw out your finest potential and help you to actualise this in your relationships, and in your creative endeavours.
Learn how to:

  • Cleanse and clear your energy system
  • Open to the flow of life and your own sexual, sensual and loving energy
  • Clear repetitive patterns and habits
  • Empower yourself to create what you want in life
  • Use intentions
  • Heal wounds that are preventing the flow of abundance
  • Use fun and creative techniques to bring abundance into your life.

Existence is continuously showering abundance, love and blessings. The question is, are we open to receive and anchor these blessings in our daily life?
In order to receive blessings in our life, we need to make sure our sexual and heart based energy is open and flowing. We are like a flute on the lips of God. If our energetic flow in the body is clogged up, the flute will not be able to produce any sound. The basic question is not, “how can I improve myself?” Rather, we need to simply move our energy so that sexual, sensual and loving energy can flow through us, that joy can come alive within us. This transformational day opens us to: “I remove what is not really me, and open to my true flow and aliveness! I throw open the doors and windows of my being and let the music of life happen through this vessel of my body and being”.
When we apply meditation and love to our sex energy, our potential for creation is unlimited! It can bring us financial, spiritual and emotional riches beyond our wildest dreams. Read Sarita’s blog on Sexual Energy for more about this.

Bliss at sunset
Living in blissful abundance

During the first part of the day, we will cleanse and open our inner flute, opening to sexual, sensuous and loving connectedness with ourselves and others. In the second section of the day, we will focus on techniques for manifesting abundance in our lives, using powerful, effective and fun techniques.
At the end of the day event, you will be given homework, to continue on your abundance path.
Using sensuous Tantra meditations, wild, dynamic dance and movement, and deep ritual, we’ll explore together how to find lasting fulfilment, and open the door to living in peace and bliss. May your garden of life be full of flowers!
Feedback on Sarita’s abundance work:
“Sarita shared powerful creative tools for becoming more abundant and I experienced positive results immediately. She has an articulate and intelligent approach for helping to understand how to make important shifts in myself, my business and within my family. What I really liked is that she offered a wide range of insights and wisdom. I’m always deeply grateful for the time that we spend together learning and sharing, plus it’s great fun too!” Jean-Paul, Kings Langley, UK
Mystics and magicians have always known that sexual energy combined with intention and consciousness is the key to manifestation and to creating the life we want, whether that be as a meditator or as the head of a million-pound business. Read more about how to Use Sex to Get What You Want.
For booking and information, contact Malika on 07790 330 531, or email her.
Find out more about how Tantra can help the flow of money and abundance by reading Sarita’s article on Money & the Flow of Abundance.
Read Sarita’s article “Opening the Flower of Life: Creating a Holistic Business” where she mentions a powerful system that she personally uses called Wealth Dynamics. This system includes a personality test which tells you your best strategy for generating wealth. You can buy the test and associated resources by clicking the image link below.
8 types of entrepreneur - wealth dynamics
N.B. The links to Wealth Dynamics on this page may result in Sarita earning a commission on any purchases you make via these links.

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Yes we teach this. You may like to do the Men’s training happening in Osho Leela next year. Or, if you are in a couple, then you can do the Couples Training. Please check the calendar on the website.

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