Tachyon Power: Unleash Your Potential!

Soham explains how, with the help of Tantra and Tachyon combined, you can be spiritually and materially empowered and create in the world in a way that serves yourself and others.
For those of you who are goal oriented, this upcoming Tachyon group, Infinity: The Power of Now is for you!
Most people think that if one is spiritual, one cannot be a powerful business person and vice versa.  Well I have to say that the best way forward in business is to embrace spiritual practices.  I, for one, came from a corporate sales background.  I worked in the health care sector for about 7 years.  Then one day, my career life suddenly came to an abrupt halt!  In hindsight, I was pursuing the wrong life mission.  I was driven and motivated by money-oriented goals (which I discovered later on, weren’t even mine!).  When my life fell apart, I was led towards the spiritual side of life, and believe you, me, it was not on my agenda.  I was forced to revisit my goals and purpose in life.  In a round about way, with heels kicking, (lthough still remaining in the health and well-being sector), I am now a holistic therapist, a coach of well-being issues and a facilitator/teacher.

Aligning to the Tantac flow

Since having done my very first Tachyon course with Sarita, I found myself flowing much more easily through life.  I remember Sarita explaining to me at that time, that once I was connected to Source and energy is flowing endlessly through me, I would be clearer about my mission and purpose, and abundance would be created with this flow.  Eight months later, I found myself relocating to England to live.  I stopped kicking and screaming and took on the flow…flowing into the direction of what I am meant to be truly doing.  And when I am within the flow of what I love to do most, I find that manifesting my goals is quite easy, as I am totally aligned and nothing is in my way of manifesting those goals.  When something gets in the way, then I clear the way and keep moving through it to achieve it or I revisit my original intention.  I am constantly reviewing if I am living my highest purpose.  So flow is easy, we just need to align to it.
David Wagner’s invention of the Tachyonization  machine is a beautiful gift that gives us an amazing tool to help support us on our life’s journey. Using these powerful methods, combining the modern with the ancient, we can easily achieve this flow.  Existence has given us this cutting edge technology to help us accelerate towards our highest good.  We do not need to meditate and do practices for umpteen years to get to our true purpose in life.
I first witnessed Sarita in Tantra groups using the Tachyon tools to support participants through their deep processes.  I was amazed at the efficacy of these tools. I took my first Tachyon workshop in between my Tantra training.  And I was profoundly affected by the shifts within myself when I went back into my next Tantra group.  I attributed it to the use of the tool that I had acquired at the Tachyon workshop. I was able to drop deeply into my meditations much quicker and the overall experiences were euphoric.
About five years ago, I suggested to Sarita the idea of combining the two methods. We did our first Tantra Tachyon combo group two years ago, which was a beautiful and deep experience (read Sidika’s blog about it here) and have done several since then. This course presents the best of both worlds and is a gift to anyone who wishes more to accelerate towards excellence in the true sense! The group is in New Delhi from 7-11 November and will be co-facilitated by Sarita and I – we’re both so excited and can’t wait to see you there – it’s going to be phenomenal!
In Love and Joy
See this link for more information on the Level One Tantac group Infinity: The Power of Now in New Delhi, India, from 7-11 November 2o12.
To book, email Ashwin.
For more Tachyon information from David Wagner, the inventor of the Tachyonization process see his website
You might particularly enjoy several videos where David talks about how to protect you and your home from harmful electromagnetic fields.
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