Divine Sexuality

Tantra and the Arts of Love

Sarita talks about the difference between Tantra and the temple arts of sacred sexuality, why they are both vital to a healthy society, and why we need to distinguish between the two. This is the transcript of a live talk.

Meditation Of The Month

New Year's Day Universal Heart Meditation Broadcast

We had a great response to the webinar Sarita ran on 11.11.11 where she presented the powerful Universal Heart Meditation (formerly known as The Meditation of Liberation) so we’re offering a shortened version on New Year’s Day.


11.11.11 Universal Heart Meditation Webinar

Yesterday on 11.11.11 at 11am GMT Sarita gave her first webinar and guided 92 people in 29 countries in the Universal Heart Meditation. The Universal Heart Meditation is a very potent way to expand into infinite love and helps us welcome the new energy – the highest frequency available to humanity at this time.