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In Profile: Meditation In Life

We profile Rohan, Amitabha, Shanti and others who have used meditation to enrich, heal and guide them through the challenges of life – from a major life-change to changing nappies!

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Life is the Guru: Sarita's Blog

In the Zen tradition there is a wonderful series of 10 pictures, which describe the process of spiritual liberation.  The pictures show a man with his bull.

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Meditation of the Month: Take Life Lightly!

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “The appreciation of objects and subjects is the same for an enlightened as for an unenlightened person. The former has one greatness; he remains in the subjective mood, not lost in things.”

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Hello, World

Malika, Sarita’s newsletter editor and passionate follower of the Tantric path, found herself surprisingly turned onto life by a Saturday night out in Bristol!