Tantra Hits the English Countryside!

Welcome to the first ever Osho Leela Tantra Festival – and what a festival it was! Sidika shares her experience of being bowled over with love……

The throng gathers…

If you go down to the field today, be sure of a big surprise. For every Tantra teacher that ever there was has gathered there in disguise….ok, well not quite – we were in a big marquee in a field and the Tantra teachers were all quite recognisable!
There was such a buzz of excitement in the air – this was the first time Osho Leela had ever hosted a Tantra Festival and Wow – what a festival it looked to be! The line up was Sarita, Suta and Tina, Roxana and Vincent, Baba Dez, Jewels, Hanna and Martin, Leora Lightwoman, Jan Daly, Joy Hicklin-Bailey and Rebecca and Rupert!
On the first evening we gathered in a packed marquee (around 200 participants I think – Osho Leela was sold out and had to close bookings a week before it started!). The teachers introduced each other and then lead us into a ritual culminating in Sarita guiding a super powerful lingam and yoni ritual – I couldn’t resist looking round at one point and seeing Sarita, eyes closed, waving her arm, intent on whipping up the energy. After that is was OK good night everyone and see you at 7.15am in the marquee for Chakra Breathing Meditation. As Sarita could only be there for just over a day before she had to leave for the Couples Level 7 retreat in Corfu, she was ‘maxing out’ her schedule. I crawled out of my sleeping bag at 7am and just made it for the morning meditation. Once again the marquee was packed and the intensity of the meditation probably surprised a few people – and all before breakfast!
Sarita at the festival

Then came the Morning Meeting where Deveraj and Neeraj from Osho Leela ran through the schedule for the day and the teachers introduced their various workshops. Some of teachers asked us to bring a partner of the opposite sex – gulp! gulp! or smug grin depending on your circumstances! Luckily it turned out that bring a partner usually meant just walk through the door with someone – it wasn’t that you had to work intimately with them or even partner them at all – just a way of balancing the genders. Later that day, Sarita led the Soul Mate Meditation and then in the evening gave a talk about Tantra and introduced a beautiful Mahamudra meditation complete with live music from the band Presence.
Next morning, it was Baba Dez who held centre stage in the Marquee – and the gaze of most of the women in the place – I’m sure it wasn’t just me! As a marketing person a thought it was OK to take a few pics for the blog etc (I did check first with Dez’s son Ryan who was filming Dez’s European tour). But did I have to take quite so many of this lanky Divine Masculine?? He is a shaman as well as a Tantrika and his magic was certainly working!
Unlike most workshops, this one was mainly a talk and then a guided regression and repatterning of the Divine Masculine aspect. I was in floods of tears which continued unabated as the regression ended and Dez asked us to all embody the Divine Masculine and stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and said we’d all become a men’s group. I was all of a wobble after and ended up giving a very gushing testimonial on camera to Ryan after he’d assured me I didn’t look too dreadful!
Baba Dez

And on and on we went, riding the Tantric ocean for the next four days, sampling the various delicacies available, confronting our wounding, learning to say ‘yes’ (but only when we’d learned how to say ‘no’), being caressed in the Love Lounge, exploding in ecstasy, making sweet new connections and the whole spectrum in between.
The last evening was for me, one of the highlights. Osho Leela is famous for its cabaret shows – greatly enhanced by its outrageous dressing up cupboard (actually a room). The MC for the evening was Niraj who with his usual aplomb and wit did a fabulous job of introducing some top class acts. My absolute favourite act was Meg and two friends from the Love Lounge who did a pastiche of the morning meeting with Deveraj (Deja Vu) and Niraj (Mirage) from Osho Leela (Oh so Lulu). The hilarity grew, as each Tantra teacher was introduced and their idiosyncrasies exploited mercilessly! I was rolling around helplessly by the end of it.
Finally, the end of the festival arrived – super-charged, joyous dancing in the morning meeting followed by a beautiful closing ceremony. Tents were packed up, addresses swapped, tender farewells, passionate farewells and promises to meet again.
And we will meet again – Osho Leela has already set the dates for next year’s festival…and it’s going to be longer!
Love Sidika

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