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As I write this blog, I am also involved in teaching a Level 2 Couples Tantra Group, being held at Chateau Belle Vue in France. At this time of writing, the couples are in their bedroom, diving deeply into the meeting of sexuality, love and spirituality.
There is an old saying that the practise of Tantra in love partnership is like walking on a razor’s edge. It is known to be the fastest path to spiritual awakening, but also the most challenging. At any moment, one or both partners may fall into the quagmire of emotional entanglements and unconscious behavior patterns which appear to be almost impossible to get extricated from. I believe it is for this reason that most spiritual approaches ignore or condemn relationship as a spiritual path. There are very few rare spiritual teachers who have had the insight and the expertise which can allow their disciples and students to open up to sexuality and love as an awareness practice.

Sarita’s Tantra uses the energy of relationship for transformation

Some streams of Tantra do include sexuality and love, and some do not. The Tantra streams which include sexuality and love relationship, have taken a very big risk by doing so. The moment the master is no longer there to keep a sharp eye on how the practices are done, there is a tendency in the human mind to move these precious meditations and rituals in the direction of licentiousness and perversion. When we play around with our animal nature, we are at risk to forget the need for balance. This is why Tantra has gotten such a bad name, precisely because there are those people who have taken the name, and have created a circus of sexual practices which lean more towards licentiousness than towards spiritual awakening.
Osho is one of those rare masters who has given space for sexual and relationship exploration within his meditative approach to life. Because of this, he was dubbed “The Sex Guru”. In his community, there was certainly a great deal of sexual exploration taking place. However, this was balanced by daily meditation and also by work as worship, as well as therapy and healing groups. The key here, is equilibrium, which is attained by balancing sexuality with love and awareness.
With awareness, love becomes prayer

I have heard Osho say that when we go deeply into sexuality with awareness, it will very naturally metamorphous into love. And when we enter into love relationship with awareness it will transform into prayer. In short, the practice of Tantra is alchemical, with the most essential ingredient being awareness.
I spent many years in Osho’s community, working intensively on myself. I explored dark and forgotten corners of my being, a true labyrinth of fog, confusion and anguish, tempered by many moments of ecstasy and laughter. The steady guiding light was the daily practise of meditation and work as worship. Gradually, over time, the fog cleared, and I saw at last the bright light of day. I opened to the wellspring of love within, and the vast sky of consciousness and bliss. Having lived through this, I now have the inspiration to support others who are willing to embark on this journey of a lifetime.
Now I can say, “The path is easy! Just go for it!” “Ha Ha”, you may say, “easier said than done!”
Pleasure can be a door to awakening

Because of this hesitancy, groups, methods of meditation and other marvellous devises are created to support the journey of the seeker. And the wonderful thing about Tantra is, you can embark on your journey with ‘pleasure’ being the door. As you open to pleasure, and begin learning the science of awareness, slowly you discover that literally anything in life can become a meditation. In this sense, the path is really easy. It is a kind of knack. Once you get it, it can be applied to all life situations. I sense the time is right, for more and more people to be ‘getting the knack’.
And if a few people can get it, that means it is the potential for everyone. Imagine a world, where we at last have equilibrium, a world where people everywhere are comfortable in their skin, accepting themselves and others as sexual, loving and spiritual beings. Allowing the full spectrum of who we are is an art and a science. To me, it is a wonderful divine play. I love living it and sharing it.
Love Sarita x

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