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Tantra Spirit Alive In Latvia: Sarita's Blog

My first impression of Riga was, “oh my God, it’s still winter here! It was minus 5, with a biting wind. We barely had time to get to the venue where our evening conference was to be held. I was there with my co-teacher Suta. When I left the UK, the first Spring buds were beginning to appear. No chance of that in Latvia. When we arrived to the conference building, a truly beautiful Ayurvedic Center, there were about 40 people sitting in silence, waiting for us. We could feel reverent expectancy in the air. I asked how many people had previously done Tantra. Only about a third of them had. Most people were testing the waters of Tantra for the first time. In spite of this, after our talk, we were able to go quite deeply into a Tantra experiential journey, with movement and meditation. It was so touching to see people open up like flowers in the sun.
I found out that Latvia is in the Guinness book of records for a very strange reason. Most of the men have left Latvia and the ration is now seven women for every one man. And the amazing thing about this is, rarely will you ever see more beautiful women than those who grace Latvia. In spite of the lack of men, our group, held in a venue in the countryside, was equally balanced male and female. The group is a new one being added to our repertoire, called Tantra Spirit, working with the meeting of sexuality, love and spirituality. Suta and I put the finishing touches to the group plan, and then travelled to the venue with our organizer Abhika, to set up a sacred Tantra temple space in a huge hall which appeared to be a barn conversion.
As people began arriving we were delighted to see many young people among them. One man from a metal cutting factory, another from an architectural firm, another who loads bottles of beer on and off trucks, a woman who invites musicians to play for the events of wealthy Russians, an Ayurvedic Massage teacher, and so on. A wide variety of people from all walks of life. And all of them so ready to learn, with their own body and psyche as the lab for experimentation. They were not disappointed. We spent three days exploring the inner universe, using methods of Tantra, dance, massage, sharing and celebration. It is one thing to create a milieu conducive for the Tantra Spirit to manifest. It is quite another when the magic transcends all expectations.
By the party night, the whole group was in such an elevated state we could hardly scrape them of the ceiling! Our party ended abruptly at midnight, when a young dashing Romeo with golden earrings in each ear, set off the fire alarm because he accidently set fire to his underwear which he had placed over a light bulb in order to create a romantic atmosphere, while enjoying quality time with his new girlfriend. The sound of the alarm was so deafening, we ran around for awhile like chickens with heads off, not sure whether to brave going out in the snow in order to escape from the dreadful noise. Finally someone managed to find the button to turn it off, while our love dazed Romeo appeared, sheepishly holding his still smoldering underwear!
By the last day of the group, everyone was like long lost friends, reunited after a long time. There were such loving hugs being exchanged, so much depth of silence in the meditations, such tenderness expressed between all participants, and so much joy, in this amazing group. I made the comment afterwards, “This is one of the best groups, ever! It wasn’t just magical. It was miraculous!” I have rarely seen so many people so ready to just go for it! As a people, they are remarkably open, heartful, sincere, eager to learn, total, and to top it off, amazing dancers!
After the group, Abhika took Suta and I to a very high-class, Slow Food restaurant, where the famous chef goes to great effort to source locally produced organic food. It is one of the best restaurants I have ever visited, with exquisite attention to detail and taste. As I am a Taurus, I am easily convinced to go back to a place if the food is right. Therefore, we are already planning more groups in Latvia. Stay tuned!
As you receive this newsletter, I will already be in Osaka Japan, greeting the cherry blossoms and visiting my beloved friends, Ramya, Champaka and Kohrogi Sensei. So, on that note, have a wonderful Spring!
Love Sarita

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