Body, Mind and Soul Dancing in Harmony

True fulfillment happens when our body, heart and soul are all dancing together in harmony. Tantra is a lifestyle which helps us free up our ecstatic potential and breathe each moment in loving awareness, whether alone or with a partner. 
Bliss at sunsetThe “Tantra Spirit” workshop invites us to accept all of who we are and become whole; uniting sex, love and spirit. Sarita and Suta developed this group to help people experience this two years ago and have found it to be a path for lightning fast growth!
The first time they ran the workshop in March 2011 in Latvia, Sarita was blown away by the radical transformation that occurred. She said: “By the last day of the group, everyone was like long lost friends, reunited after a long time. There were such loving hugs being exchanged, so much depth of silence in the meditations, such tenderness expressed between all participants, and so much joy, in this amazing group. This is one of the best groups, ever! It wasn’t just magical. It was miraculous!”
Sarita & Suta are bringing “Tantra Spirit” to Osho Leela in Dorset on 8-10 February. Sarita explains more here about what you might experience:
“When we move into the arena of personal development and meditation, we seek how to melt stagnant patterns, how to unify fragmentation and find wholeness. To be whole is to be healthy and at peace within.
The Tantra map for attaining wholeness is very simple. Our instinctual sexual nature is welcomed with a loving open heart. It is spirit that guides our life, but if our instinctual nature is repressed and our heart protected, we cannot hear the messages and guidance of our soul and spirit.
There is a saying from Osho, “Tune in, Turn on and go beyond.” This simple message indicates that the path to truth is not long and arduous, but is easily accessible. This weekend group is designed to bring about radical transformation in a very short space of time. The workshop is taught in an experiential style, which is an accelerated method of learning. Exercises, rituals, meditations, dance, emotional release and massage offer an exceptional opportunity for you to free yourself and fly into the inner sky of your being with joyful abandon. This weekend is offered in a temple atmosphere of loving awareness, providing a safe space to discover the Tantra Spirit.”


For bookings and information, email Osho Leela at or call them on 01747 821221 or go to the workshop booking page.


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