Tantra Summer Holiday

Join Sarita this Summer at various festivals and events around Europe, and make your summer a Tantra Holiday! Catch her in France, England, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Sweden.

In June, there’s the CentreTrimurti Festi Spirit in France, three days showcasing some of the best teachers, healers and musicians working with compassion and consciousness today. Come meditate and celebrate!
At the end of the month there’s the Osho Tantra Festival which Sarita is organising with Devaraj at Osho Leela in the UK. Teachers of Osho’s lineage from all over Europe will be sharing the heart of Osho’s transmission, along with excellent music!

Sarita and members of the Tantra Team will be offering two Tantra Holidays in July, in the Czech Republic and Turkey.
In the Czech Republic, Tantra Holiday – the Senses is an exclusive, informal gathering to celebrate and delight in the senses in a conscious, loving way, using Tantra methods. We will spend the morning practising Tantra methods, and have each afternoon devoted to free time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and bond with other people in the gathering. In the evenings, we will have various enriching activities, both playful and ritualistic. A time to celebrate both hedonism and spirituality as one organic unity and dig deeper into the pleasures of life. Some previous experience in Tantra is a prerequisite for attending.

In Turkey, Sarita and the Tantra Team will be at the beautiful Hrir Kamp in the Kaz mountains (pictured left). It has the third highest oxygen level in the world and is a heavenly place, full of trees and herbal plants. It is associated with a lot of Greek mythology – the Goddesses Hera, Aphrodite and Athena participated in the first beauty contest here! It’s also considered to be Zeus’s birthplace. The Tantra Spirit Holiday will have morning meditations and free time in the afternoon to drink in the pleasures of the surroundings and each other…

Also in July is the Domaine de Chateau Bellevue Tantra Festival at Sarita’s second home (pictured left), a gorgeous Chateau surrounded by beautiful nature in eastern France. This is France’s first ever Tantra festival and promises to be a cracker!
Sarita ends her Summer tour at the Angsbacka Tantra Festival in Sweden. Sarita is a regular visitor to Angsbacka, but this is the first time this heart-felt community has put on a dedicated Tantra festival – they promise it will be the juiciest of the year!

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