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Tantric Tips: Spicing Up Your Sex Life

In an occasional series, we feature tips on how to create a Tantric lifestyle. Here Sarita recommends ways to bring more juice into the bedroom!
Tachyonized Enhancer
This is a combination of aphrodisiac herbs which gives a wonderful lift to your overall energy, brings a sense of joy, sensuality, and sexual excitation. It can be used to enhance any life experience, whether that be making love, dancing all night, or whatever turns you on. It is not recommended to mix this with recreational drugs as it is an all natural high. When the high wears off, it is very gentle, like a feather floating back to earth, leaving a sense of well being. Why go for the synthetic stuff when you can have access to this!
Tachyonized Passion Dew
This wonderful lubricant is organic and pure. It comes in 4 different qualities, representing 4 different kinds of lubrication women may need. Women get wet when aroused, and yet not all women get wet in the same way, or to the same degree. It depends on the time of the month, the state of health, and the time of life. These 4 types of lubricant cover a large spectrum of possibilities for the connoisseur of sexual pleasure.
Tachyonized Green Matrix
This is an amazing superfood product which is a mix of MSM, (supporting flexibility of joints) Blue Green Algae, Spiralina, (fabulous for the brain and hormonal system) and a touch of Cayenne Pepper (nurturing the heart). It gives a green boost just when you need it most.
Raw cacao chocolate
I recommend two brands:

  • Yummy Me, made by my friend Soham, which has many different flavors with different intentions and effects.
  • Booja Booja Raw Rasberry chocolates.

Cacao is the original bean from which chocolate is derived. When the cacao is cooked and mixed with milk and sugar as most chocolate on the market is, it loses its amazing health giving and aphrodisiac properties. In ancient civilizations of Mexico and South America, Cacao was considered so valuable it was used as money. In its raw form, it sustains life in myriad ways, offering energy and zest and boosting sexual performance dramatically. If you eat the bean alone, it is bitter, though not unpleasant. There are many entrepreneurs who have revolutionized the whole chocolate market by providing raw chocolate bars, truffles, cakes, or pies. These are often made using other super-foods in the ingredients, and with natural sweeteners which will not destroy your health or the effectiveness of the chocolate in stimulating your bliss hormones. You can find raw chocolate treasures in such shops as Planet Organic, or the In-Spiral Cafe in London.
Hawaiian Sex Butter
This is an all over body massage butter which is so pure you can even eat it if you like. It can also be used for Yoni or Lingam massage. This is created by my friend Robert Silber. He is an expert in Yoni Therapeutic massage, and also works with couples to help them find new intoxicating ways of pleasuring each other.
Merlin’s Herbal Magic Roots Elixir
This is a blend of 33 organic and wild crafted aphrodisiac and medicinal herbs which gives energy and strength, and is particularly effective for provoking powerful erections.
Tantra dating and workshops
And if you are single and would like to find a quality partner, try Sensual Soirees, (a once monthly meet up evening) and Sensual Spirit, (online conscious dating) run by my friends Kavida and Roland.
Last but not least, one of the best things you can do for your sex life is Tantra. If you have a partner, you can experience the journey of a lifetime by diving into the Couples Soul Mate Tantra Training, taught by Roxana and Vincent in the UK and me and Chintan in France. Or alternatively, if you are single or in partnership, you can come to Tantra Man Tantra Woman, a group which offers the sublime art of Tantra massage. I believe that Learning Tantra massage is essential for a nurturing relationship or a sense of heightened well being.

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