Goddess Essence Teacher Training

This Teacher Training is for women who would like to live their fullest potential, physically, erotically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and who would like to be instrumental in co-creating a positive awakening in the world through the divine feminine.

Perhaps you have been confused about how to find fulfilment in life and in relationships due to lack of information and inadequate education on this vital subject. Perhaps you sense you have untapped power and inner ecstasy inside, waiting to be unleashed. Perhaps you long to express the fullness of your creativity. This course offers revelations and transformation for all of these aspects of female potential and offers you a grounded and professional vehicle for you to step into teaching this path of awakened femininity to women everywhere.

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Tantra Essence Teacher Training

This high calibre training is for you if you are interested in evolving yourself into a world class Tantra teacher! Are you looking for the best profession which is aligned with your true soul calling? You may be asking yourself, “Is it possible to have a professional life which is nurturing positive transformation for individuals, couples, communities and our planetary consciousness?” The answer is a resounding 'YES!'

We offer you the opportunity in our Tantra Teacher Training to transform yourself on all levels and at the same time, learn how to facilitate such transformation in others. The journey is intense, profound and revelatory in its depth and breadth!

You will be discovering a harmonious union of your inner male / inner female aspects, awakening of your chakra system and inner ecstasy through the raising of kundalini energy. You will meet others of like mind from all around the world. In the safe, conscious and loving milieu of our Tantra Teacher Training, inspirational and nurturing friendships form naturally and easily. We discover our innate nature of connectivity and wisdom and simultaneously develop a whole new skill set for bringing positive transformation to the world. It is important for the well-being of people everywhere that quality Tantra spreads to as many places as possible!

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