The Evolution of Tantra Man

The Tantra team spent a blissful, hard-working and fun week creating Tantra Man-Tantra Woman. Suta, one of the co-teachers, talks about the joys of creating the group, learning a powerful new massage technique, and his desire to inspire other men to become a “Tantric Man”.


Hello everyone!
Here’s my first step into the wonderful wide-world of blogging. Hope there’s something to entertain and excite you…..
These days there is such a sense of rapid change – sometimes unsettling, often inspiring, that calls for us to pay attention to the balance of activity and rest.
September brought an ‘Indian summer’ of some great beauty. I had a beautiful time on a six day silent retreat. It was so wonderful to slooow down, spend time without noise and be immersed in meditation – simply being with the breath, the senses.
After that I was at a Chateau in France for a week with Sarita and the Tantra team from the School of Awakening. We were held among the wooded hills with an impressive vista. It was exciting, hard work and fun to get together. The time was focused on learning and developing a little known method of Tantric massage from Kashmir, and also crafting a transformational new group process Tantra Man-Tantra Woman, which will be unveiled at Croydon Hall this week.
After many years as a massage professional with experience in dozens of methods, it was a very pleasant surprise to experience something new and really quite wonderful. The massage techniques were a joy to share and practice – they are very sensual and powerful – I will certainly be adding them to my menu of individual sessions and look forward to teaching them to others.
I also particularly enjoyed working with Shiva and Sangeet to create the part of the group where the men will all be together away from the women. After choosing Tantric precepts that we felt are essential, we developed the key practices and some dynamic rituals that will really help foster key qualities in a ‘Tantric Man’.
Working with these themes has really fired me up for the upcoming series of Tantra evenings for men in Bristol. I feel that this kind of gathering – where men can offer each other support and inspiration, move and express themselves in an authentic, conscious way and learn with and from each other – is what many men (and the women in their lives!) are really hungry for. I am really looking forward to stepping into a ‘space’ with men and the distinct flavour, the particular atmosphere that emerges there.
Recently I have noticed a subtle change in some of the men’s events – a greater ease and willingness in connecting with other men. It will be interesting to see how widespread these shifts become through the wider society (and not just those who have been ‘working on themselves’). It could be that the times are calling for such an evolution. Who will be a part of the wave?

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