Divine Sexuality

The Ordinary, Ecstatic Truth

Budding couples Tantra teacher Fiona talks about how moved she is by the blossoming of couples (including her own!) into ecstatic, wonderful, ordinary truth


How ordinary it seemed to sit in a circle with 17 women and talk about our experiences of embodying divine energy in our love making. The sea rolled pebbles on the beach and the waxing moon highlighted the beauty of faces, already lit from within. I felt almost blasé as woman after woman shared tales from heart and yoni, of visions, of deep deep connection with their beloved, of ecstatic expansion, of vulnerability, of letting go, of cosmic orgasmic merging with themselves, their lover and all that is.
There it dawned on me, and I am in wonder that, at last, this IS ordinary to me. I breathe in the memory of the magnificence of us ordinary extraordinary women sharing our inner wisdom on the beach at nightfall in Corfu.
Actually I am in wonder about it all. When I first did level 7 I was so much on my inner journey that I scarcely noticed the evolution of those around me. This time having assisted with the same group from level 4 my focus was more outward and the joy of witnessing the amazing blossoming of 15 couples has been so inspiring. The bonus is that in revisiting the meditations with my beloved we were really able to recognise the impact that our Soul Mate journey has had on our relationship. We now relate from a place of deep personal honesty and accountability, this deep stream of loving that runs through our relationship allows for each of us to be unselfconsciously ourselves and allows us to be ridiculous joyous idiots when the wind is in the right direction. I didn’t think that sex could get much better than what I had experienced in our 1st level 7, but it did. We found ourselves in a whole new dimension where our bodies totally took over from our minds and we were like dolphins tumbling together in a sea of profound knowing.
I honour the courage and expansive energy of the couples. The magnificent wild and horny energy of the men, combined with their sensitivity and their vast capacity for loving. The vulnerable openess of the women combined with their wisdom and fiery passion. My sense of my own journey is that while I steadily deepen and expand in my relationship with Edwin, it is in the alchemy of group energy that we make our quantum leaps. We are blessed to be in a time where these gatherings can happen, we are blessed that so many are drawn to do this work, we are blessed that souls like Sarita are moving among us guiding us to our ecstatic truth.
Fiona x

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