The Radiance of Love

Roxana was nourished, moved and dissolved into love by the meeting of polarities she found on the Aisho retreat in Norway, in June.
Aisho retreat, Norway
June 2010 by Roxana

Sarita and Uezusan

What can I share with you of this retreat?
Silence.  A new found depth of meditation of being.
Love. Once again being shown that this is the fabric of my existence, of existence itself.
Death. Opening and releasing a little more of the ego’s clutching.
Union. My tears flowed freely all week, waves of the relief of returning home, a home I now see that I had never actually left, a home that it is impossible to leave, where could we possibly go that is away from the embrace of the divine?
Grace. Healings, held in the arms of two awakened masters.
Community. Being with the 60 or so participants each sharing this thirst for union with God.
Hospitality. The gifts so freely showered upon us by our open-hearted Norwegian friends.
Song. Raising our voices in poetry and praise.
Dance. Of course, where Sarita leads the party soon follows!
Vincent and I will be integrating these gifts for many months so rich was the experience of this retreat, I urge you all to taste the liberation offered through the presence of this unique combination of two awakened masters. In true Tantric style they embrace so many opposites in their teaching together.  Such a profound transmission of Shiva and Shakti, yin and yang, western woman and eastern man, classical solitude of meditation and Osho’s radical richness.


Roxana teaches levels 1-3 of the Soulmate Training for couples, and also her own Tantra groups.

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