Welcome to our trainings for developing into a world class Tantra Teacher! So many people are looking for the best profession which is aligned with their true soul calling. You may be asking yourself, �is it possible to have a professional life which is nurturing positive transformation for individuals, couples, communities and our planetary consciousness?� The answer is a resounding YES!

We offer you the opportunity in our Teacher Trainings for transforming yourself on all levels and at the same time, learning how to facilitate such transformation in others. The journey is intense, profound and revelatory in it’s depth and breadth!


You will be discovering a harmonious union of your inner male inner female aspects, awakening of your chakra system and inner ecstasy through the raising of kundalini energy. You will meet others of like mind from all around the world. In the safe, conscious and loving milieu of our Tantra Teacher Trainings, inspirational and nurturing friendships form naturally and easily. We discover our innate nature of connectivity and wisdom and simultaneously develop a whole new skill set for bringing positive transformation to the world.



As we go through life, we may encounter traumatic events or challenges in relationship. This can lead to feelings of isolation, soul searching and questions around our identity and purpose. We may not find work that is in tune with our true essence and dread getting up each day just to do something which feels out of synch with our inner truth. We may be hopeful of finding a loving, nurturing relationship and experience fears of being alone and cast adrift in an increasingly challenging world. This state of being is often linked to early childhood issues which have been left unresolved and which influence our behaviour and way of thinking and feeling.

Through Tantra practices, we are able to reconnect with our wholeness. Aloneness is transformed into All-Oneness. We discover we are in reality, living in an ocean of love. New streams of inspiration, creativity and connectivity awaken within and we are able to express ourselves in new and wonderful ways. We discover a harmonious unity of body, mind and soul. And when we link this to developing into a Tantra Teacher, a whole new paradigm becomes possible, where working, loving and consciousness raising are all interconnected!



Teachers of Tantra have traditionally passed their wisdom as a living transmission from master to disciple. In this sense it has been known as the ‘whispered transmission.’ Since time immemorial in India, Tibet, China and much of the eastern world, enlightened masters and mystics have been offering their compassionate methods to seekers of truth in an apprenticeship format.

In today’s fast paced world people expect to have everything served instantly on a golden platter. However, in the early years of my teaching, I used to work only through apprenticeship for those wishing to evolve as teachers, according to ancient tradition.

Finally, after many people begged me to offer a dedicated Teacher Training, I decided to give it a try. Quite frankly, I didn’t think it would be as effective as apprenticeship. I was tremendously surprised when people actually thrived in the milieu of a dedicated Teacher Training with many of them flowering into brilliant Teachers. I spent years honing the training to it’s present form and am truly excited and happy with the amazing results.

In this training, (after the application process and depending on whether you are accepted or not) you will go through personal transformation and subsequently learn how to teach what you have experienced. You will learn to work in teams, to develop multidimensional skills needed for teaching Tantra, to present yourself on film, and to absorb feedback in the form of evaluations by the teachers, helping you to achieve new levels of excellence. At the end of the Teacher Training, you will receive a certificate and will be linked to an ever growing community of Tantra Essence teachers and community.


My personal invitation to you is to give yourself the gift of awakening your full potential as a teacher of Tantra! The world needs authentic Tantra teachers now more than ever!

We also offer trainings in some healing modalities which are complimentary to the Tantra path and to being a Teacher of Tantra. These accelerate your ability to expand your consciousness and discover harmony of body, mind and soul. You will better be able to support your students to move through whatever issues are arising in them by using one or more of our healing modalities. People have often commented to me that I am a walking ‘mystery school.’ And it is so! Come and have your thirst quenched with this river of bliss and our brilliant, dedicated team.