Use Sex to Get What You Want!

Sidika, Malika and Tanja went to an international marketing seminar hoping to pick up a few business tips. There we met Kerwin Rae, an Australian internet millionaire, who uses Tantra to generate wealth!

Malika, Sidika, Kerwin and Tanja talking Tantra

Sidika, Malika and Tanja (pictured left, with Kerwin) went to an international marketing seminar (recommended by ‘finger on the pulse’ Supragya, Sarita’s business manager) in London earlier this month. We were hoping to hone our marketing skills to spread the word of Tantra to the world – but were expecting a hard hitting, business-like three days. Imagine our surprise, when the very first speaker, the free speaking (and rather sexy) Aussie, Kerwin Rae, spent the first hour of his presentation talking about meditation, alchemy and Tantra!! Kerwin is not only a multi-millionaire internet businessman, who started his business career selling horse manure (though he used a different term….) to his neighbours, but he is also a seasoned meditator and Tantrika.
Despite his millions and worldly success, there came a time in his life when he felt a deep emptiness, and set off on a year-long spiritual search. This took him from the heights of Machu Picchu, to the stillness of Vipassana, and then into Tantric techniques. He began to use this ancient knowledge, not only to deepen his inner world, but also to revolutionise his business life.
With the help of his business bible, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (the only book which never leaves his bed side) he began to use sexual energy to create wealth, and now advises his clients to do the same. Now he says he barely has to think of something before it becomes manifest in the world.
“Think and Grow Rich” was written over 70 years ago, and in it, reporter Napoleon Hill interviewed the wealthiest industrialists of the time, to find out their habits, their mindset and the secrets of their success. Chapter XI, which he said was the most important, is titled “The Mystery of Sex Transmutation”. It talks about how a build up of sexual energy, channeled not to orgasm, but focused through the mind with intention, can be used to create in the world, inspire genius, and manifest incredible financial wealth.
Normally when we feel sexual tension, we want to release it in some way – through sex, self-pleasuring or fantasy. But now Kerwin was explaining how through using Kundalini breathing – up the spine and down the front – propagating the sexual energy, then focusing it through the mind with conscious intent, anything can be created. So tension in the body – sexual or emotional – can be used as fuel to create whatever we want! This is what ‘in/tension’ is really all about!
Kerwin spoke eloquently on quantum physics, and its idea that various possibilities can take form at any time, they are just waiting for a conscious intention. The power that drives that conscious intention and focuses it through the mind is the strongest energy on the planet – sex!
Traditionally, circulation of sexual energy has been used to become closer to spirit and develop the inner world, but through intention and focus, it can be used to develop the outer world, in a balanced and satisfying way. We were very excited to learn that becoming more tantrically adept can help create wealth in the world!!
And if you want to start building up your own sexual tension and transmuting it, why not come along to ‘Tantra Man, Tantra Woman‘  this October? Men and women will be separated into their own sex at the beginning of the five days, so they can really embody their male and female essence – creating a very strong sexual polarity – really building up that aforementioned tension -before coming together. Imagine it now, that moment when they meet, the possibilities, the intentions they might have – what could you create with that?!?! Explosive or what…….?!
Sidika, Malika and Tanja had their brains blown at the Ultimate Marketing Seminar, presented by Christopher Howard Training and thinkBiG Education, at the London Earls Court Ibis Hotel.

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