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What Is Sex Addiction And Can It Be Cured?

The sexual urge – what happens when it’s repressed; the root of sex-addiction and the way out of it.
Sexual Desire – the Biology and the Ecstasy
Sexual desire, as we all know, is a natural biological urge, which may or may not lead to masturbation or sexual intercourse, and this in turn, may or may not lead to genital release, also known as Orgasm. The orgasm reflex is an automatic aspect of the nervous system. It is pre-programmed into the human body to need genital release on a regular basis, the frequency of which depends on the age and health of the person.
For most people, genital release is extremely pleasurable. It floods the body with pleasure hormones bringing a sense of euphoria and joy. For a moment, mind stops, the sense of time disappears and we are offered a glimpse of heaven. This state of pure joy is a door offered by nature, allowing us to experience life in wholeness and totality. Often, in these moments of ecstasy, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that life is simply love.
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